High Five for Friday!

It's Friday already?
I feel like this week FLEW.
^^not complaining^^
It must have been a good week :]

1// My little sister is now officially co-hosting My Life in Lists with me.
It's a little party right now but we're so excited to see it grow!
Join in on the fun and link up with us.

2// Said little sister had a birthday this week!
It's so sad to not live in the same state as her to celebrate happy occasions like this!
but happy birthday, kell! xoxo
Isn't she so gorg?

3// We spent pretty much all of last weekend in the yard.
Ripping out plants.
then planting new ones like this beauty right here.

and now?
a little sneak peek before and after
[with really awful lighting and quality in my after picture. oops.]

Yes, that really is the same yard. Ahh!
Full yard reveal to come!

4// This little one got to go on his second Easter egg hunt of the year.
Good news is I think he was getting the hang of it this time around so hopefully when we do a little one for him at home on Easter he'll be pro.

 5// Baby Phillip is growing so fast!
Suddenly this week he's on a schedule (it's so nice!), is sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night (hallelujah!), has become obsessed with checking out his own cute little face in the mirror, and started pushing himself backward while laying on his back. Say whaaa!

PS I'm not claiming this as #6 because I'm a good rule-follower and only having five official things.
so this is just a PS but hello! how cute is he in the swing?!
We tried it out this week and he loved it!

Remember you still have until Sunday night to link up for this week's My Life in Lists prompt. Head on over to see what it is and/or come back Monday for the new prompt!


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and also with the ladies from five on friday


  1. Whoa -- your yard work looks like HARD work! The end result is so nice!

    1. It was definitely a LOT of work but so worth it! Thanks!

  2. oh my freaking lord, how cute is that last picture! adorable :) and that before and after - wow! what a difference! makes me want to do something to my front yard now.

    1. ahh thanks, we think he's pretty adorable! crazy what ripping up some plants can do, right? but - DON'T DO IT. it's way too much work! haha, just kidding, it's worth it!

  3. cute running shoes! happy friday!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Whoa! It looks like you did a ton of work in the yard but it will majorly be worth it! Looks a lot better!

    1. SO much work but it was definitely worth it in the end! Thanks!


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