Jack's Nautical Room

Jack's big boy room REVEAL is here!
a. please excuse the iPhone quality pictures
b. the lighting is 100% of the time absolutely terrible in this room. i had to brighten the photos which is why the window is GLOWING haha.
c. enjoy!
d. [ps] check bottom of post for where items are from.

[daybed is borrowed from my parents but will one day be replaced with bunk beds that match the color of the dresser]

[panorama from standing in closet]

Do you love before & after shots as much as I do?
Here's how the renters who lived in the house before we bought it had the room set up:

Also notice: no more popcorn ceilings, thanks to Dad Wallace!

[panorama from standing in closet]

[panorama from front door]

I really love how his room turned out!
There are a few more details that will be added soon but I didn't want to wait to share it with you any longer!

Laundry Hamper: Ross
Dresser: Bedroom Discounters
Anchor on dresser: Hobby Lobby [same - I bought it half off]
Glass bottles on dresser: Hobby Lobby
Lighthouse on dresser: Belonged to Jack's Great-Grandpa
Wicker ball on dresser: Marshall's ($4!)
Window cover: DIY'd - it's called a "pelmet box." Just search pelmet box DIY on Pinterest and I promise you will get a plethora of tutorials. I kind of winged it and didn't really follow any specific tutorial.
Rocking chair: Yard Sale (it's 50 years old!)
"Row Row Row Your Boat" Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby [same - I bought it 50% off]
Shelf: Gift from our wedding (I think it was from Target) [similar]
Cylinder glass jars on shelf: Dollar Tree
Shells & sand in glass jars: Michaels
Glass bottle on shelf: Hobby Lobby [same]
Rope ball on shelf: Hobby Lobby [same]
Picture frames: Dollar Tree. They were just plain and I hot glued twine to the frame. Such an easy DIY. Just make sure to remove the glass so you don't get hot glue all over it!
"Waves in the Sea" printable: DIY'd - you can download the free printable here.
Ship wheel: Hobby Lobby [same - I bought it half off]
Rug: Target [same]
Bed: borrowed
Comforter: Target [same]
Blue striped shams: Target - they were clearanced out and are no longer available, sorry!
Red square pillow & pinwheel pillow: Ross

Hope you enjoyed Jack's nautical room tour!


  1. you're so creative! come decorate my house one day.

  2. I love it!!! I have an obsession with blue and white stripes and nautical themes, so well done!!

    1. Me too! I'm basically just obsessed with all stripes...ha!


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