Just because.

Just because this little boy is THREE MONTHS OLD.
and so ridiculously cute.

Just because I walked into the playroom and saw this.
These two tug on my heart strings like no other.

Just because this is the funniest picture in the history of pictures.
Tom says he looks like he's giving a speech.
"I declare!"
We still die over it.

 Just because I snapped about a million pictures of this kid playing football.

And just because this one is the best running shot.

 And just because he looks so concentrated after throwing the football.

And just because his "guys! Throw it to me!" face is so cute.

 Just because he follows me around the house "vacuuming" with his golf cart while I do the real vacuuming.
I wish that thing really picked stuff up. Our floors would never have a crumb for how often he plays golf.

Just because this babe loves the bath a LOT.
He kicks and laughs the whole time.
It's one of my very favorite things.

 Just because he is obsessed with balls.

 Just because Jack insisted that I move Phillip from his crib to the bassinet all so that he could sit on the bed and read to him.

Just because this little guy is still my baby.

Just because neither of them were super fond of my attempt to get an Easter egg hunt picture of them together.

 Notice Jack pushing Phillip off.

 Just because he discovered the mirror and he's pretty sure he's adorable.

Just because every time we go to Target (you know, like three times a week) he really wants this basketball hoop.  He even throws balls at the picture of the hoop on the box haha. And also begs me to take it down from the shelf.

Because if these pictures don't melt your heart, you must not have one.

Happy Easter Sunday!
#becauseofhim this little family is mine forever.
There could be no greater gift. 

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  1. awww phillip is getting so cute! I love the shirt he is wearing in the first picture. Such a cute grey pocket :)


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