My Life in Lists [linky party] PREMIER!

The first link-up party is finally here!
I've been prepping for this for weeks and I'm so excited!
I seriously love planning and hosting parties and I feel no different about this linky party!

Here's how it'll work.
At 12:00am (Pacific Time) every Monday morning a new "My Life in Lists" (MLIL!) prompt [along with my own blog post response!] will be posted here on If These Walls Could Speak.
You can write your own blog post on the prompt on any day that week.
Take advantage of the prompt on a day you don't have a post planned!
Just FYI in advance, the prompts will not always apply to everybody.
When you feel like you have something to contribute to the prompt, link up!
If not, come back next week and see the new prompt :]

Here are the rules:

1. Please link back to my blog in your My Life in Lists post.
You can add the MLIL button found on my blog over there ---> if you want but it's not required.

2. You must visit the person's blog who linked directly before you
& please leave a comment on their post!
It's encouraged to visit more linked blogs but only the one directly before you is required.
If you are the first to link up come back later in the day and visit any linked blog.

That's it!
I think this will be so fun - tell your friends and link up below!

[MLIL April 7, 2014-April 13, 2014]
List five professions you'd like to try.

1. High school soccer coach.
I'm pretty sure that's probably more of a hobby than a profession but I'm including it anyway.
Once upon a time I coached these beauties
and it's honestly one of my most favorite things i ever did. ever.
I'd love to take a stab at coaching a high school team.
Ideally, all these girls on the same high school team ;]

2. Ultrasound technician
Most specifically prenatal ultrasounds.
It would be so fun to look at all those little babies in the womb [and know what you are actually looking at]
and be the one to announce to the parents if they should be painting the nursery blue or pink!
There are probably some very sad ultrasounds but, overall, it seems like a fun profession to try!

3. Hairstylist
[here's a glimpse of the day I pretended this was my profession and did my sister's hair for her wedding.]
This was my dream job for several years.
I even quit attending BYU to go to cosmetology school.
Long story short I never did end up going but I still think being a hairstylist would be fun!
Plus how much money could you save on haircuts and color?!
And sidenote: Jack's haircuts would be profesh.
instead of really bad.

4. Labor & Delivery Nurse
Can you tell I just had a baby? All these baby-related jobs seem so fun!

5. Elementary school teacher
All through elementary/middle/high school I kept notes on things I'd do "if I was a teacher."
I kept assignments that I thought were good and I'd maybe want to use one day.
This is funny since I never really planned on actually being a teacher.
I guess I just wanted to be prepared in case I ever was?
I just barely a few weeks ago finally tossed all my saved notes/assignments.
I think I realized I really wasn't going to ever be a teacher ha!

Blog about what 5 professions you'd like to try and link up below!
Excited to see your posts!


  1. This sounds so fun but I'm so confused on what to do!!! Haha okay so I just compose a new post on my own blog titled "My Life in Lists" with a link back to your blog (I don't know how to add buttons!) and do the list and then I don't understand what else I have to do. How do I know which blog post to read to comment on? And I am supposed to submit a link to my post on that submit link form? Okay sorry I'm blog deficient but just want to do it right.

    1. Oh and also just come back sometime later in the week and click on someone else who has linked up, view their post, and comment on it! - usually you visit the blog of the person who linked up right above you but since you are the first to link up you can choose anybody's blog to visit! Obviously, you can visit more blogs if you want!

  2. You did it perfectly! Thanks for linking up, love you!

  3. Oh, but you are teacher, everyday to your beautiful, little babes!!!

    1. True! And a hairstylist and a nurse (albeit not labor & delivery ha!) and possibly one day a soccer coach? I guess I do all of these minus ultrasound tech on some level every day!


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