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[04/14 - 04/20]
List five things you'd do with a million dollars.

**I promise it won't always be five things to list! Sometimes it will be a different said number and sometimes it will be completely up to you!**

Oh, man.  What would I do with a million dollars? If I had to choose just five...

1// Pay off the mortgage.
Mainly because my husband would be really mad if I spent my million dollars on everything but the mortgage and because it's the responsible thing to do.

2// Finally check everything off the house to-do list.
Like all of the following.
Built-ins like this in the family room.

An organized playroom like this.

Furniture for the master bedroom.

Back splash in the kitchen!

...and more.
Why does it seem like the list never ends?!

3// Go on a Disney cruise!
Disney Cruise Line
I have heard they are nothing short of amazing!
I've actually never been on a cruise at all and I'm just dying to go.
Plus I'm a little Disney obsessed and it seems like the best family vacation ever!

4// Ginormous shopping spree.
I wouldn't even shop at the really expensive places.
I'd probably want to visit Target (duh), Forever21, GAP Outlet (yes, even with a million dollars to spend!), Banana Outlet, JCrew Factory, H&M and Carter's for the babies!

5// Buy plane tickets to visit my siblings whenever I want.
^^are my sisters the prettiest or what?^^

Or fly them out to visit me.
^^these be my bros^^

Out of five siblings, only one lives in the same state as me! It's so lame.

I'm sure I'll think of about a hundred other cool[er] things I could do with a million dollars right after I post this but these things are all definitely things I'd want to do with SOME of my money!
Now how do I get a million dollars...?

What would you do with a million dollars?
Link up and tell us about it!


  1. Love this! I too would want to go to Target and American Eagle if I won a million dollars, haha.

    1. Right?! I'd rather have tons of fun new stuff from the stores I normally shop at than a few pieces from ridiculously expensive places! Okay, but I might really need to buy just one pair of Tory Burch boots!

  2. Haha I laughed out loud at "I wouldn't even go to expensive places". I'm the same way - I'd stick to my trusted TJMAXX, Gordman's, Forever21 ... plus I'd maybe throw in there a Michael Kors Outlet, Nordstrom Outlet and Nike Outlet! =)

  3. That's a great master bedroom! Love it!

  4. of course i love the sibling one. hahaha visit me NOW!


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