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Hello lovelies!
I loved all the link-ups from last week but this week I'm choosing to feature Jennifer's post over at Everyday Glam. I love the five things she chose to do with her million dollars! Go check it out and leave her some comments!

I'm SO excited about this week's prompt.
It's going to be hard to keep my list short.
Ready for it?

APRIL 21-28
List things you wish you could hire someone to do for you.

Like almost everything, amiright?!
But I'm going to limit it just to the ones that I really, desperately wish I could hire someone to do for me!


Who is with me on this?!
As I speak I have a basket of laundry that I washed on Friday just sitting waiting to be folded.
Somehow I can't seem to finish three loads of laundry in one day.
It takes me like two days to wash, two days to fold and then two days to put it away.
And then before I even put it away it's time to wash again! GAH.
I really wish I could be like my mom and stay on top of it and get it all done and put away in the same day.
Or I just wish I could hire someone to do it for me. That's what this list is about anyway, right?! ha!
side note: if I really had someone to do my laundry I would lose my excuse to have a 20 minute breather while I fold the laundry and catch up on Parenthood.


 Hahaha! It is SO TRUE.
I have good intentions and I pin recipes like crazy and hunt down good-sounding recipes in my cookbooks and the Better Homes & Gardens mag but I have a really hard time on the follow-through part of it.
I just really do not love to cook!
But high five for making my first ever meat loaf last week from a recipe I found in the Better Homes & Gardens mag and actually made.


This is obviously not something you really even could hire someone to do for you but who said this list had to be realistic?!
Some people love exercising and can go on & on about the "exercise high."
Yeah, I'm not one of them.
I claim that I don't have time to exercise [which is halfway true] but in all honesty I just don't make time to exercise. I would rather sleep as long as possible!


Somehow I'm really good at remembering birthdays/getting birthday cards/making birthday packages, putting together random care packages, and writing notes
I'm really bad and getting them to the post office!
It's the dumbest thing ever.
Our post office has a self-post area that is open until 7:30 every night.  So you don't have to wait in line, don't have to be there by 5, and yet my packages and letters and cards sit on the dresser by the door waiting to go out for like a week before they finally make it to the post office.
It's kind of ridiculous.


I can vacuum every other room in the house.
I just need to hire someone to vacuum the playroom.
Maybe it's because it's the only room with carpet or maybe it's because the cord doesn't reach from the main living areas or maybe it's because I'd have to clean it first but for whatever reason I really hate vacuuming the playroom!
Please someone come do it for me once a week?


Is this true for anyone else?
My house is pretty neat-freakish clean when it comes to dirt.
I clean my bathrooms twice a week, wipe down the counters and table with Lysol three times a day or more, vacuum and mop several times a week.
BUT I have a really hard time putting my stuff away.
My nail polish stays out for like a week after I've painted my nails.
The vacuum sometimes stays out (still plugged in) for days.
My shoes always end up on the floor next to the box they belong in
[side note: yes, my shoes are kept in a box...supposedly temporarily but it has been a year].
When I get out of the shower I remember my towel is still on the floor in my closet where I ditched it before getting dressed yesterday.
This girl needs some help in the "put your stuff where it belongs" department.


I'm expert at losing things.
Probably due to the fact that I don't put stuff away ha!
Apparently my sister is an expert finder
[read this post to read about it]
so probably I would just hire her.
Maybe from now on I'll leave my lost things lost until she comes home for vacation then have her find them all at once.
It sure would save me a lot of time.

What things would you hire someone to do for you?
Link up below with me & Kelli and tell us about it!
Excited to see your lists!


  1. haha i love how similar some of ours are! and taylor needs to hire someone to "find his things." so when you find that person, let me know.

    1. I know, I totally laughed when I read yours and some were the same!

  2. Hi Marci!!! Thank you so much for featuring my list!! I'm super excited and honored you chose to highlight my post! I did want to mention that my blog switched over to!! (Incase you couldn't find me!)

    Thank you again Marci!!

    1. No problem! Thanks for the heads up about your blog name, I'll make sure the link works!

  3. All 7 of these... I am SOO with you!! Especially cooking!!

    1. SERIOUSLY. I think cooking is my #1! I really would love to have a chef one day haha!


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