A Story About Bathtime

Popping in to tell you a quick story about bath time tonight.
It's about how my kids took a bath in half water and half olive juice.
Oh, you can't tell?

It all started when Jack asked for a snack of olives in a bowl.
I dumped half a can of olives into his bowl then stuck Phillip in the bath.
Jack joined us in the bathroom and when he decided he was finished eating those olives, he went right ahead and dumped the leftover olive tidbits + all the olive juice right into Phillip's brand new bath water.
I was all kinds of "what are you doing?! olive juice doesn't go in the bath! did you seriously just do that?"
while jack looked on completely unfazed and asking if he could get in the bath.

the end of the story?
both boys took a bath in half water and half olive juice.
they smell real nice.



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