Bathroom: Before & After

Wow, really.
We have been in our house a year now and I'm just now sharing before/after pictures - this room has been done since before we even moved in!
The guest bath is one of my favorite redo's.
It turned out pretty much exactly how I had imagined.
ahem. after all the mayhem during the redo, that is.
you can read about that here.


those are the only "before" pictures I have but I took about a million "afters."

this is our hygiene sample basket for when guests come.
we  pretty much never have guests.
but i made tom take home anything from the hotel every time he traveled...until this basket was way too full.
come visit us! we have shampoo, conditioner, shower caps, toothpaste, foot scrub, soap, floss, lotion, and more all in this little guest basket! ...just waiting to be used.
oh. and we're fun too.

Do you love it as much as I do?

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