High FIVE for Friday!

It is Friday and T comes home!
He was out of town on business for a few days and yikes.
We missed him, to say the least.

Let's recap our week, shall we?
1. The beginning of the week started out great minus a few tears from Jack because Daddy was back at work after working from home for a few weeks then having a week off for our vacay in Utah.
We read books.
[excuse that my feet look GIANT. i swear i'm only a size 7!]

The boys watched "Cars-toons" [you know the mini Cars show on Netflix? yeah, unless you have a child obsessed with cars you probably don't know.]

How cute are they?!
So anyway. The week started out great and normal and perfect and wonderful.

And then.
Tom left to LA and all hell broke loose.

2. Jack refused to nap during the day or sleep at night.
He cried every time I left the room.
He refused to walk and instead insisted on being held everywhere we went.
You guys. Usually I'm like dripping with pride over how well-behaved and chill and easy my toddler is. The last couple days I think I experienced what it's like to have a normal toddler.
Note: Let it be said that Jack's super chill personality has nothing to do with my mothering skills.
He just came that way.
We got lucky.
I sent this picture to T as proof to how hard our days without him were turning out.

3. I am so not above bribing my child with pizza to ease the tears for a few minutes.
It totally worked and life was grand for the seven minutes it took us to gobble up the life-size Costco pizza slice.
[seriously though - those "slices" are like a quarter of the pizza!]

Oh, and you should know that Jack did not want me to break off pieces of the pizza for him.
He wanted to bite straight off that ginormous slice.
Your wish is my command, child.
Whatever keeps the tears at bay.

4. I finally figured out that my super chill child turned into a demon child overnight for good reason - TEETHING.
Those dang teeth.
At Costco he started putting his finger in his mouth and touching the back of his gums crying "owie!"
You better believe I busted out the ibuprofen right there in the middle of the food court immediately.
Anything to stop the tears!

5. Ibuprofen is a miracle worker.
The child slept.
And this mama got to spend some time with this happy babe
who is not teething.

The last few days have been long and rough and exhausting and thank goodness it is FRIDAY.
let's celebrate!
by napping.


PS check out my new free printable in remembrance of sweet little Ryan Saldana.
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  1. Oh it's NEVER easy/good when daddy is out of town. Glad he's coming back!! Teething is the worst!!! Glad you were both able to get some relief. I'm excited to be following along with you now! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

    1. Teething IS the worst! Happy [belated!] Mother's Day to you too! Hope you were spoiled! :]

  2. What a week! Ibuprofen saves the day! I haven't had a Costco pizza, but, dang. That looked good.... And gigantic. Which is what all pizza should be. Happy weekend and have a Happy Mother's Day!! Katie @ Cup of Tea blog

  3. Your children are absolutely adorable, hope you have a fabulous Mothers Day!

  4. sounds like you need a vacation! =) but you're right, those pizza slices at costco are pretty dang huge. and delicious. =)

    1. A beach vacation all to myself! With a good book and a spa, that sounds heavenly, right?


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