Is it too late to post about Easter?

So I'm a little late in posting about Easter
but. better late than never?
just go with it.

We went on a pre-Easter egg hunt with friends early in the week.
Jack had already had one hunt before this so he was semi-pro.

can i just say ... kids aren't dumb. i could barely get him to finish the hunt because he knew there was candy in the those eggs.
a wonderful service at church and then a mini photo shoot for good measure.
you know, in case the thousands of pictures i take on a daily basis aren't enough for posterity.

"jack jack, say 'cheese!'"

Have you ever tried taking a picture with two babies under 2?
not an easy task, my friends.

have you ever tried asking the 21 month old to hold the 3 month old while you snap a quick picture?
beware. the 20 month old might push the 3 month old off his lap in .02 seconds.
good thing i was standing half an inch away.

dinner with family.
and then this is what i did.

while the rest of them did this.

"guys, how does this thing work?"

aunt holli to the rescue.



  1. Sweet pics!!! And definitely better late than never :)

  2. aww the ones of you and your boys are priceless. You are a beautiful mother and SO sweet! They seem so happy!

    Also---I read your blog ALL the time! It just never lets me comment from my phone!

    1. Nicole, you are so sweet! And I hate blogger's mobile version! It seems like there are so many issues with it!


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