It's basically summer + one random picture

It's technically spring but since we've had 99* days, I've officially accepted the fact that it's actually summer here in California.  We don't really get spring.  Actually, we did get spring ... it was just in winter.  The real truth is that we don't get winter.

So since summer has come a little early, we've been doing summery things.  And though I'm sure I'll be cursing the sun by mid-June, we're truthfully currently loving the heat.

Splash pads? Check.

Jack hates to have water in his face so I thought he wouldn't really like the splash pad ... He was a little hesitant about the water at first but to my surprise, he ended up loving it! That is, after a huge fit over not getting to play basketball at the basketball court (really, I should learn to bring a basketball with me everywhere we go).

Note: I'm clearly not an experienced splash pad mom because every other kid had a plastic cup to play with in the water.  Jack thought that was pretty cool so to keep him from stealing other kids' cups I dumped the water out of his sippy cup and let him have at it.  That backfired when he got thirsty.  Cups from the dollar store is now on my shopping list.

Even Phillip loved the water! He loved splashing his little itty bitty toes in the puddles and even got sprayed a few times.  And had to endure a photo sesh with mama. He was clearly thrilled.

PS It took me forever to get Jack to come to the car when it was time to go.  Because, you know ... he had to hang out on the basketball court and pretend to shoot baskets.  Seriously, he stood there pretending to shoot hoops all the while saying "shoot! shoot!"  This kid.

Summer weather = summer outfits.

And also.  Can someone tell me when he got big enough to be held on my hip?
Excuse that I had just come home from a run and am still in my workout gear.
Note: The wet parts are not sweat FYI ... it's from soaking my head in the sprinklers after my run.  At 8am.  I told you ... it's summer. and HOT.

 Warm summery nights = cruising in Grandpa Wallace's 1930 Ford Model A with cousins.

Cory was a great driver but we sure wish it was Grandpa driving us around.
We miss you, Grandpa!

If I start my run too late in the morning I end up walking most of the way because it's too dang hot.  We also take breaks for photo shoots. Obviously.
We try really hard to ignore the weird stares from drivers that pass by.

Sunshine and swings. A child's dream.

And this one has nothing to do with summer but.  They're cute.  And it's my blog.  And I can post what I want.  So excuse the mess but how cute?!

 Here's to sunny days, excessive pool time, and livin' it up in California.


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