Little Boys.

Life has been so good around here.
Let me just tell you right now - if it turned out that I had five boys and zero girls, I could be completely happy. These little boys rock my world and having a house full of boys? I just can't is. the. BEST.
T has already promised me that if we have no girls I can fly to wherever my little niece, Emma, lives to go prom dress and wedding dress shopping. I just can't miss out on those experiences completely, ya know!?
PS all that being said - I do still want a girl!

Look at the cuddle sessions we get with this little boy.

And his so cute, really sad/angry faces.
He is the best at sad faces.

 With little boys you get to play with nerf guns.
And stick them on the baby's forehead...

You get to play hours upon hours of basketball.

 Little boys give you these heart-breaking smiles.

And look at how cute they are when they sleep!
note: i'm pretty sure girls are just as cute but ya know.
i have boys sooo.

 When you have little boys, you get to dress them in sweet little baseball hats.

And you don't even have to put them in a swimsuit.
You just let them show off those muscles.

The Daddy-son bonding?
It's precious.

Little boys with blue eyes?

side note: yes, we've had days warm enough to SWIM.

 And when you get so lucky to have two little boys?
This brother thing is so, so precious.

If this little boy's face isn't one of the most precious things you've ever seen...
I mean, I know I'm his mom and a little bit bias but. THIS FACE.

and this smile!

and just so you know.
little boys can be crazy and wild
[like when mine watches basketball]
but they also sometimes sit really quietly for hours minutes and read books. least mine does.
i think my nephew max wouldn't be caught dead sitting quietly?

Little boys are the best of the best.
Better than the rest.
Until I have girls.
Then my story will change.
And I might have to delete this blog post.


can i just add this picture to tell you something adorably sweet?
My sister-in-law made a book with photos of my father-in-law after he suddenly passed away in November. We keep it on a dresser in the family room and Jack Jack is constantly pulling it down and bringing it to the couch to flip through all the pictures of grandpa. I so hope this book helps him to know and remember his grandpa!


  1. so sweet! i love this post! I want boys so bad! and also--grandpa wallace book? so cute! I hope he remembers him!


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