Mother's Day [in review]

 A little post about Mother's Day is necessary.
How could I not do a post on how lucky I am to be mama to these sweet boys?

The day went something like this:
T got up with Phillip
T made breakfast (he says Phillip helped ha)
I got a handmade card (with Jack's coloring and tracings of Jack & Phillip's hands)
+ some gift cards to do my ultimate favorite thing/stress reliever ... shopping, obviously.
We went to church
Quick photo shoot at home
[because look at how cute!]

ahem... excuse my half untucked shirt.
The true and unedited life of a mom.
Because let's be honest. I'm never 100% put together anymore.

then to T's mom's house for BBQ and family home evening with his sibs/Jack's cousins.
We were in charge this month and hosted a talent show.
Cutest, cutest talent show ever.
More on that later.

I am so blessed to get to be mama to my two favorite little boys.
They are so sweet and so loving and make life so amazing.
Having these babes is one of the best things I ever did.

 aaand hands down the absolute best part of my mother's day?
when jack came running down the hall to me after nursery at church
handmade noodle necklace in outstretched hand
saying "mama! mama!"
he was so, so proud of his creation and no joke it's my favorite present I have ever gotten.
I mean look how fancy it is, right?

Seriously, when you're little your mom tells you that the handmade gifts are her favorite ones and you believe her for a few years but then as you get older you're pretty sure she just says that to make you feel good.
But no.
On Sunday I learned that she was never just saying it to make you feel good.
Handmade kid gifts are officially my favorite.
I almost cried when Jack gave this to me.
And I wore it the rest of the day and every time he saw me he had to touch it and say "mama!"
I'm officially one of those moms.

after family home evening these boys enjoyed a book read by daddy.
while I obviously did my favorite thing...documenting every second of our lives.

some [wild & crazy] snuggle time with my little boys

and we wrapped up the best mother's day to date.
but only after proudly displaying my new favorite necklace, of course :]


ps a big hug to my three favorite boys for making motherhood [and wifehood] an absolute joy.


  1. Ok, so I'm not at mom, but I almost teared up about the necklace. Absolutely precious!

    1. Just wait until you ARE a mom - then you'll bawl haha!

  2. seriously the sweetest post! that necklace story teared me up! so cute of little jack jack!

  3. Sweet Mother's Day!! One year, my hubby & kids made me a picture with flowers only the flowers are my kids handprints. I cried! And it's my all time favorite gift ever, framed & very proudly displayed on our family room wall. :)

    1. Wow, your husband is creative! I'd totally hang it up too!


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