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This week's prompt:

Things I didn't expect to happen in my life.

Ready, go!

Hmm. This one for me took some thought. I can't say there are many things in my life that I didn't expect. Either a) I've been lucky and things have gone as "planned" or "expected" or b) I didn't really have set expectations. That doesn't really sound like me, though. I'm not really a go-with-the-flow type of girl. Ask my sibs. So I guess I've just been lucky so far?

Anyway. Here are the ones I came up with!

1. I did not expect to marry Tommy Wallace.

Probably nobody necessarily expects to marry the person they marry but I say this because T was my older sister's friend through middle/high school. I knew his family but I really can't say I ever even talked to him until my sister set us up a few days before I graduated high school. In my head, Tommy Wallace, my sister's friend and Tom Wallace, my husband are two different people hah! Ten years ago I just never would have imagined I would marry Tommy Wallace.

2. I did not expect to own the house we do.

We bought our house from a family friend. He was my bishop at church and a good friend of my dad's. I never expected they'd move away and even after they did, I never expected I would one day be buying their house from them!
Let me tell you though - we put in 30+ offers on houses before buying this house and this one is, by far, my favorite of them all. It is absolutely perfect for our little family. The layout is perfect, the location is perfect, the size is perfect. I almost never want to move! Unfortunately, we will probably outgrow it one day.

3. I did not expect to have two boys before having any girls.

For some reason I had it in my head that I would definitely have a girl first and maybe even all girls and no boys. Boy, am I glad that was wrong. *pun intended.

4. I did not expect to ever travel to Indonesia.

I should probably be embarrassed by this but I honestly don't think I had even heard of Indonesia before dating my husband who served a two-year LDS mission there. A few summers ago we took a dreamy second honeymoon there and wow - I'm so glad I got to have that experience! I would go again in a heartbeat.
PS I also never expected to hold a leopard on my lap.
I also never expected said leopard to BITE me in the back.
[note: it was a soft bite but a bite nonetheless. this picture was taken after the bite. so if my smile looks a little stiff and pasted on...well, it was.]

Can I just say I'm so glad that life isn't always what we expect?
How boring would it be?
The things I would have missed out on if life turned out just the way I expected!
And also.
God is good.

What are some things that have happened in your life that you did not expect?
Link up below and tell us about it!
I love reading your linked posts!



  1. What a fun link up & list you made! I'm definitely glad things haven't always gone as I planned. I'll have to think about my list & try to put something together this week. :)

    1. Thanks - this link up has been really fun! Excited to see your list if you make one!


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