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Hosted by myself and my little sister, Kelli, over at K.Gilby, My Life in Lists is a weekly blog link-up where we give you a new prompt each Monday (always a list of some kind!) and you can write your own blog post based on that prompt any day that week! Then link up here or at K.Gilby to join the party! Participating in a blog linky party is a great way to connect with other bloggers and build new friendships, which is what we are exactly hoping to do ourselves by hosting this weekly link-up!

This week's prompt:

List things you should stop spending money on.

Ha...this list is both really easy and really hard for me. Easy because I can think of about a million things. Hard because I can think of about a million things and I doubt you want to read a list that long. So I'll do my best to keep it a lot shorter.

1. Shoes
Easily. My husband would definitely agree with this one. But as I write it I'm thinking that I really need some more sandals for the summer...

2. Baby clothes
It is nearly impossible for me to pass up adorable baby clothes ... especially when it's a steal of a deal.  Like the mint green gingham button up I bought for Jack the other day at Target for $5 that he definitely didn't need. But dang, it's cute on him and I totally don't regret the purchase at all.
Here's a secret: I even buy baby girl clothes and I don't even have a girl! When you see baby (swiss dot!) jeggings at Target for $3 you'll totally understand.

3. Nail polish
For real though. The good news is I don't buy the expensive kind (my max is about $3).  The bad news is that it means I think I can afford 100 bottles every shopping trip.  And the other bad news is all of my nail polishes suck ... because I have a $3 maximum price point.  Lose-lose.  At least I have a color to match every outfit?

4. Beauty Products
A beauty blogger swears by a product (ahem - or products) on her blog and I'm out the door in .02 seconds on my way to Target to drop heaps of cash I don't have on said product(s).  And then I end up not using half of them and they take up precious space in my makeup bag.

5. The Dollar Spot at Target
Like anything in the dollar spot. I really should stop "just checking" the dollar spot every time I enter Target.
Truth: I went to Target with Tom & babies the other day and did not go to the dollar spot because T does not support dollar spot browsing.  Jack cried when we passed it without walking through.  And pointed at the section saying "no, no, no" meaning "no, stop and go back!" I swear to you that happened. We clearly spend too much time there.

6. Thank you notes - or any note card
Why am I such a sucker for note cards? It's cute. It's adorable. It's $1 (at Target's dollar spot). It's an extra 10% off with Cartwheel. It's only 90 cents. It's already in my cart. That's kind of how it goes. And then suddenly I have 50 packs of note cards sitting in my office. Good thing they're cute and I use them a lot.

Okay. I could go on and on and on and on and...I'm stopping.
What things should you stop spending money on?
Link up and tell us about it!

Note: Do you notice a trend here? If all the Targets in the world burned down my bank account would be bursting. And you would find me in the corner in fetal position bawling my eyes out.
Note #2 (mainly directed at husband, in case he reads this post): Please do not fail to recognize that the prompt says "things I should stop spending money on "and not "things I will stop spending money on." Because, let's be honest. I'd just never create a prompt like that.



  1. I totally should've put shoes! And I LOVE that you put notecards...people just don't spend the money on that anymore...and they are so nice! I just love this link-up! Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. I just can't pass up the cute notecards in the Target dollar spot haha! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Memorial Day! xoxo


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