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Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late in posting this week's My Life in Lists link-up! It's a good one, too!
I've just been so busy with, ya know, life.
Plus my computer that was half broken is now all broken so I have zero access to a computer most of the time until T gets home from work.  By the time we're done with dinner, bath time, and bedtime routine I'm too exhausted to worry about blogging. So...MLIL brought to you 2.5 days late!

Hosted by myself and my little sister, Kelli, over at K.Gilby, My Life in Lists is a weekly blog link-up where we give you a new prompt each Monday (always a list of some kind!) and you can write your own blog post based on that prompt any day that week! Then link up here or at K.Gilby to join the party! Participating in a blog linky party is a great way to connect with other bloggers and build new friendships, which is what we are exactly hoping to do ourselves by hosting this weekly link-up!

This week's prompt?
List your guilty pleasures!

1. The Bachelorette.
Don't even lie - SO many of you are right there with me!
I honestly don't even LIKE it that much but I'm hooked! - I may or may not be watching Monday's episode in a separate window as I write this.

2. Eating In N Out at midnight.
We used to go at midnight all the time before kids. Now it's pretty much out of the picture but sometimes (like during our Utah vacation) we still enjoy the midnight burger ha!

3. Cereal for dinner.
Tom is a meat & potatoes kinda guy through and through so if I want anything breakfast for dinner I gotta do it when he's not home.  But man, do I love a big bowl of Mini Wheats for dinner. It's easy and it's yum!

4. Watching Grey's Anatomy during nap time.
Read: relax for two minutes and watch Grey's Anatomy after all the chores are done and the babies are still asleep.
No, seriously, why does it always happen like that? The minute I'm done with the to-do list and I settle in for half an episode of Grey's Anatomy before my own of them wakes up. GAH. The life of a mom.

5. Shopping.

What are your guilty pleasures?!
Link up below and tell us about it!

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