Notes about Jack

Man, how long has it been since I've done a Jack update?
Too long, that's for sure.
Let me tell you a few facts about this little boy at 22 months.
*aka brag session post*

Fact: he is obsessed with sports. 
any sport. every sport. golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, football. his current favorite is easily basketball. you should see this kid when a game is on. he goes NUTS. and you better be prepared to get a lot of attention (read: stares) when you take him to chili's because all those sports on several TVs? He goes cah-razy!
A few of his favorite sports words: shoot!, score!, close! (when they miss..he's so kind haha), goal!

Fact: he loves to sing.
his favorites include wheels on the bus (he will request this song right in the middle of dinner. "bus?"), itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping on the apricot tree, jesus wants me for a sunbeam, and old mcdonald had a farm (or better known as EIEIO around here).

Fact: He talks a lot!
I counted his words and got to 100 before I stopped. That just includes words that he says on a regular basis. He'll repeat pretty much anything you say. And also throws in a lot of words we don't understand.
He also uses a few phrases now like "let's go!" and "holdou" (hold you) which quickly turns to "hold me" since I always correct him. So he says "holdou. hold me." haha

Fact: He knows almost all his shapes.
Rectangle. Circle. Square. Heart. Oval. Spiral. Crescent. Pentagon. Octagon. Like draw those shapes for him and he will tell you what each one is.

Fact: He can count to 3 and to 5 with help.

Fact: He has watched Cars Toons (on Netflix) so many times that he knows almost every word.

Fact: He loves any mode of transportation.
Helicopters, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, trains, airplanes.
He's a lucky little boy because he sees all of these on a regular basis. We live pretty close to a small airport so we always see and hear planes and helicopters.  We also live near railroad tracks so we see a lot of trains. His absolute current favorite though are motorcycles. Hands down.
Sorry, baby, but this mama isn't letting you get any motorcycles any time in the next 16 years.

Fact: He loves the ABCs.
 He loves to point out letters and repeat them to you. He can recognize O, M, E, R, and W all by himself.

Fact: He loves to play.
His current favorite toys are cars, trucks, blocks, balls, and puzzles.

Fact: He is definitely entering the "terrible twos."
and it started like 4 months early. about two months ago he started throwing several fits a day. he cries when he doesn't get what he wants. he throws things when he's mad. it's exhausting. I'm pretty sure it has just about everything to do with the fact that communication at this age is hard.  He knows what he wants but sometimes he can't tell us. that really would be frustrating!
we're working on helping him control his emotions but wow - lots and lots of patience is required.

Fact: He loves to read.
His favorites include Dear Zoo, Go Mater, Trucks, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, and Where's Spot?

Fact: He loves bath time.
As long as you don't wash his hair. Don't worry - we still do.

Fact: He's a night owl.
Don't mess with this kid in the morning. He will beat you up. So much as look at him wrong and he'll break down in tears. I'm dreading early-morning seminary in 12 years. Yikes.
At night though? Happy as a clam. Like SO happy. And so not tired. If we let him, he'd stay up til midnight every night.
Note: sometimes we let him because it just isn't worth the fight.

Fact: He is always hungry!
He is always asking for "a bowl?" to put food in. Somebody please tell me this is normal. I try to fill him up with healthy (or health-ish) options but I feel like I'm feeding a teenage boy and he's not even two!

Fact: He's our favorite little 22 month old ever.

We love you, Jack Jack!


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