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Hello, friends and welcome to My Life in Lists!

Hosted by myself and my little sister, Kelli, over at K.Gilby, My Life in Lists is a weekly blog link-up where we give you a new prompt each Monday (always a list of some kind!) and you can write your own blog post based on that prompt any day that week! Then link up here or at K.Gilby to join the party! Participating in a blog linky party is a great way to connect with other bloggers and build new friendships, which is what we are exactly hoping to do ourselves by hosting this weekly link-up!

I'm so excited about this week's prompt!

List things most people don't know about you.

My goal here is going to be to list at least one thing the people who know me best don't even know. My husband doesn't count since he probably knows me better than I know myself ;)

1. Even if I'm not using the water, I have to have it running while I brush my teeth.
It's just this weird thing and it drives me crazy to have the faucet off.

2. I'm a licensed soccer coach.

3. If I wear socks to bed it's a guarantee that they'll not be on when I wake up in the morning. We usually find them buried down in the covers at the bottom of the bed. I do not consciously remove them.

4. I'm a huge believer in sleeping with the windows open in the winter when it's freezing cold outside. Because there's just something so magical about that.

5. I'm certified to take foot and ankle Utah.

6. I still do math on my fingers.
Like simple math.
8 + 7? Finger math.

7. + 8 = 15. I just added that on my fingers.

8. + 7 = 15. That one I did in my head.

9. I love going to the doctor. I just think it's cool.
I also love taking my kids to the doctor...although I do not wish sicknesses upon them haha

10. I love filling out forms.
Another good reason to go to the doctor.

11. I remember my dreams almost every morning.
T says they're all crazy.

12. In my high school glory days, I could run a mile in under 6:00. If you're thinking of asking my exact best time, I'll save you some time and tell you I don't remember.

13. In elementary school, I lost the spelling bee (class level...our schools never did the whole real spelling bee thing?) exactly one time. In 5th grade. I spelled "rodeo" "rodio." I will never ever forget it.
PS I really did know how to spell rodeo, I swear.

Okay, friends. It's your turn!
Link up and tell me what things most people don't know about you!
And let me know in the comments which of these surprised you!

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