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Another week, another list!
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Hosted by myself and my little sister, Kelli, over at K.Gilby, My Life in Lists is a weekly blog link-up where we give you a new prompt each Monday (always a list of some kind!) and you can write your own blog post based on that prompt any day that week! Then link up here or at K.Gilby to join the party! Participating in a blog linky party is a great way to connect with other bloggers and build new friendships, which is what we are exactly hoping to do ourselves by hosting this weekly link-up!

This week we want you to share your current to-do list!
Every single day I hand write a to-do list. Every. Single. Day.
Actually, I just realized that's a lie. I usually don't have one on Saturday or Sunday. Let's rephrase.
Every. Single. Weekday.
And it has to be hand-written! I don't do the whole iPhone notepad to-do list biz. There's something about physically crossing things off your to-do list. If you just erase your finished items it feels like you did nothing all day when you're left with a blank screen staring back at you. haha!
Also. Can I tell you that if I do something that is not on my to-do list I totally add it just so I can cross it off? I'm so serious right now. *insert laughing so hard you cry emoticon*
sidenote: where are emoticons for the blog world?
if I created that right now, I'd be a millionaire.

ANYway. My to-do list. Exactly as it's written in my [real-life, not iPhone] notepad.

- Clean bedroom
- Set up visiting teaching appointments
- write questions for Thurs mtg
- write out trek document (needs, etc)
- clear counter
- wipe counter
- wipe table
- laundry
(yes, I seriously write out each load so I feel more productive when I cross it off. Just gets worse.)
-Put away
*Sheets on bed/make bed
- Start crockpot
- Workout/run
- Tom's lunch
- organize closet
- update journal
- Tidy Phillip's bedroom
- Tidy playroom
 - Bathrooms
- Vacuum 
(I used to seriously write out every room that needed to be vacuumed - so every room in the house - but then I stopped because it took up too much room in the notebook haha!)
- Mop
- Scripture Study
- Jack dressed
- Jack bath
- Jack teeth
- Jack breakfast
- Phillip bath
- Phillip dressed
- Shower
- Dressed
- Hair
- Makeup
^sometimes I'm afraid my shower/hair/makeup wouldn't get done if I didn't have it on the to-do list haha!
-Fold rags/put away
- Receipts to Mint
^If you don't use as your budgeting system you are MISSING OUT. do it now!
- look up trek games
- clean up office
- Huggies codes to
- use shutterfly coupon
- facetime kelli & jai
- check what ryan paid
- print crockpot dinner list
- lunch notes
- cradle to storage
^insert many tears^

OHMYGOSH. That is seriously my to-do list. Please tell me someone else's looks like that!? You are probably so confused what some of the stuff on there means ha. But seriously I have to write down EVERYTHING so that at the end of the day I can see what I accomplished.
Let's be honest - there is no way everything on this list will actually be finished by the time I go to bed tomorrow. Because I am not a super-human. Or a person without kids.
The things that don't get done are transferred to tomorrow's list.
Some things float from list to list for weeks. Like updating my journal. I'm like a month behind right now. Yikes.
To-do lists save my sanity (I'm pretty much the queen of to-do lists in case you were wondering). And make me feel way more accomplished when all I've done for the day is shower/get ready/feed children/respond to one million child demands...and get no chores done. Because the showering and feeding and getting ready are on the to-do list. So I can look back at the end of the day and say "hey! I did something on here!" It is so dumb but it works.

So now it's your turn!! What does your to-do list look like? For the good of all mankind (or just for your own good) I really hope it's a lot shorter than mine.
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  1. Marci, I love the My Life in Lists party, but life got a little crazy for me, and I just couldn't keep up with my blog. If you decide to start the party up again, I'd love to participate! :)

    1. I'm so glad you love the link-up! My sister & I are definitely going to start it up again sometime! - life just got a little crazy for me with a baby who never sleeps ahh! Keep an eye out for it though - we definitely want to get it going again!


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