Notes about Phillip

Obviously, I didn't forget about Phillip when I wrote my notes about jack.
I'm just finally having time to sit down and write it!
Be warned: it's a mama brag post.
read on if you care to know how obsessed i am with my baby.

you might be obsessed with him too by the time i'm done here.

Phillip had his 4 month check-up and while he's in the 50th percentile for height (25") and weight (14lb 6oz), he's SO much smaller than Jack Jack was at this age. For reference, Jack weighed 14lb 15oz at TWO MONTHS. Sometimes people comment that Phillip looks bigger than his age but to me he seems so tiny!

He still eats pretty much every 2-2.5 hours which is crazy but I feed him anyway :]

I was hoping that starting him on rice cereal a few days after he turned 4 months would improve the night sleep situation. But this is how that went down:

Clearly, he was not impressed. We tried again a week later and got the same reaction. And so we still don't sleep.

Well. Sometimes we sleep.
this is his position of choice. every night.

and this is how we found him sleeping in the swing.
We decided we better start buckling him in ha!

and when we put him in the cradle to sleep?

he sleeps in the crib in like 10 minute intervals so basically the only safe place for him is our bed.
it's fine. cause he sleeps like this and it's cute.

this babe loves bath time. love love love loves.
[note: he does not have weird body marks all over. it's the filter, i guess?]

 he's a little cuddle bug.
read: he gets into moods where he wants to be held and only held and if you put him down during one of those times, he screams at you.

he's big enough to go in the johnny jumper! what!

and check out these chunky thighs!

 he loves his big brother!

he officially rolls from back to tummy!
this was the first time he went all the way over and this is his surprised face.

then when he realized how awesome that was...

he also wiggles and scoots on his back.
he started in the middle of this mat and wiggled himself all the way off.

 Jack was a way later mover so I'm shocked to see Phillip so active!

 He loves Jack's swing!
...Jack loves it when Phillip is in it. ha.

this is the most random thing ever but he gets so excited every time we change his diaper.
really, every time. it's so funny!

 We sure do love this little boy!



  1. I can't get over how much they look alike!

    1. So funny because we totally get both ends of the spectrum - some people tell us they look NOTHING alike and then we turn around and someone else says "they look SO much alike!" hahaha!

  2. how do you make such perfect babies!? and those positions kill me. i miss him so much!

  3. those bath pictures are to die for cute!! And him rolling out of his crib! He is SO strong, can't get over it! oh i love reading about babies! He is the sweetest and sooo so adorable.


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