Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven.
That's a thing, right?
You know, just in case you miss Friday Five. And then you miss Saturday Six (which is also a thing). In that case, you have to do Sunday Seven. If it's not a thing, I'm officially making it a thing. You can do it on your blog too if you want. You're welcome.

1. This cute little helper when I planted my new petunias last week.
Side note: they're all dead now.

2. Bath time with these two.

 3. Celebrated Papa Bear's birthday last Sunday.
Don't let the single candle fool you.
He turned 53, not 1. That would be kinda weird since I'm 25.

4. They watch cartoons together and it kinda melts my mama heart.

5. Did the hippie thang today. Peace.

6. Phillip moves!
He started in the center of that mat.
I'm half excited and half teary.

7. My littlest sister is the queen of bright lipsticks and she can pull it off like nobody's business. Since I'm brave and all I picked up a bright coral lipstick on one of my bi-daily* trips to Target last week.
There is a good possibility this new lipstick tube will sit untouched in my makeup bag forever.
Turns out I'm not as brave as I thought.
*I think bi-daily means every other day but it could also mean twice per day. Either definition would be accurate depending on the week

I know I've hit my 7 limit so I'm not numbering this one.
You know, so I don't break the rules of the thing I just made up.
But just a side note that this kid had the biggest meltdown in the history of meltdowns in church today.
You might not believe it by these pictures but do not be fooled. They weren't taken today.
A note to all who have lost some part of their hearing due to all his screeching (basically everyone in the building): sorry.
A note to Jack: Simmer, child.
A note to self: do not wake Jack from a nap.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. i wish i had seen his church meltdown! hahahah and dad looks so good in that picture!


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