This is our life.

An update on life?
Read on!

Apparently we've discovered how to remove our own diapers.

We love baseball. Mostly the A's.

We cry big alligator tears when Daddy leaves for work.

My 3 minute updo that turned out fab?
Guarantee it'll never be able to be duplicated.

Summer = splash pad.
^ don't be alarmed - he loves it! ^

he also loves sunbathing.

They don't really sleep in the same bed but they did for like 5 minutes once and this happened.

Jack recently learned to love coloring (or "cuh-er-ing") and it's the best to stick him in the high chair for 30 minutes and have him completely entertained!
Note to anyone birthday shopping for Jack:
color wonder markers + color wonder coloring book (like Cars or Mickey Mouse)
= one happy mama & one happy Jack Jack.

And also. Jack sets his animals up on the ledge of the tub and has conversations with them.
It's the best.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kristal! You're so right - kids make life 10x more entertaining than without them!

  2. pictures that killed me:
    1. crying jack
    2. sunbathing phillip
    3. the cuddle picture

    i love them!

    1. sunbathing phillip takes the cake. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU.

  3. dyingggg over the picture of them sleeping together. so sweet! and you are just the cutest mom! You look like so much fun....and you are! because it's so clear your babies are happy!!

    1. sibling love is the absolute sweetest, right?! i die over the fact that you have THREE boys in a row - how does your heart handle it?!


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