A life with boys.

I think I've told you before but once upon a time I wanted a girl first - and then all girls after that
And then I had a boy.
And then I had another one.
And now I can't even imagine life without boys.
I actually want a boy next.
And then another one?
Ha, no I really do want a girl one day, I think.
But I tell T all the time I don't even know how to be a mom to a girl!
So bring on the boys.

These three boys? They're my world.

And this whole brother business?
Oh my goodness. Insert emoticon with heart shaped eyes.
I think my actual eyes turn into hearts just looking at these.
^i meeeean^
^ You guys. They like play together now. Sort of. More like Phillip tries to play and 80% of the time Jack's okay with it and 20% of the time I hear "NO! BABY! STOP BABY!" So I mean ... they interact now in a new & mostly fun way!

^ I just can't. They're too much. ^

^ They look almost the same size ha! ^

^ Nap time can be hard because if Phillip starts crying (which is approximately 100% of the time that I lay him down for a nap), Jack goes running into the bedroom to rescue him. This day I heard Jack come barreling down the hall yelling "whoopsie! mommy! mommy, whoopsie! baby crying!"
I couldn't catch him in time before he barged into baby's room and baby sure was happy as a clam about that.
And Jack's like duh mom. he stops crying if you just come in here and get him.
Whoopsie. Duh.

My favorite things about this little guy^?

He is such a people person. The most social baby in the history of babies. He loves anybody and everybody.
He's a huge mama's boy. While he loves people in general, mom trumps them all. Sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it's...well, you know. Can't I catch a break when Daddy's home?!
He's inquisitive. He scoots around everywhere and investigates everything. He's crawling 3 months earlier than Jack and is into way more stuff.
And he has the brightest smile in all the land.

My favorite things about this little boy^?

He makes me laugh every single day. Why are toddlers so funny?
He's so patient with me when I do his hair or change his outfit 5 times.
He's so fun to play with because he's at the stage where he soaks everything up like a little's so fun to see him learn new things every day.
He's friends with everybody he meets.
He's the world's best big brother. So, so sweet to Phillip and so patient with him.
[Having two ridiculously smiley boys is fun but can be a pain when we got o the store and it takes us twice as long to get out because everybody and their dog wants to come talk to the boys.]
He's so brave. Like take him to the pool and he will dive right under the water to you.
He's a really big helper around the house - more about that on his birthday post coming soon.

and my favorite things about their daddy? ^

he is the boys' best friend.
[it's a great big party when daddy gets home!]
he's sooo smart.
he doesn't get mad at me when I spend more money than I should.
he works so hard so i can stay home with the babes.
he pretty much never, ever complains about anything.
[i could learn a thing or two from him about that].
basically, he's the best ever.

I mean, you guys. I'm so lucky.


  1. okay, dying over the family selfies and also the ones of jack and phillip on the front porch. LIKE SERIOUSLY DYING wth!!! my family better be this cute!!

  2. Your boys are adorable! And you make having two seem so easy - so refreshing to see! :)

    1. Thanks, Kelley! Lucky for me, both of my boys are pretty easy going! It is what you make it :]

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh such a fun post! Boys are awesome I should know because I was raised with 6 of them ;-). Now I have two boys and they are such a joy! Love my little Chkie too though...and I bet you will get a girl just you wait! Love all the photos!

    1. WOW 6?! Did you have any sisters to offset that?! I would love if I got a girl one day!


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