We celebrated America.

Yeah, it was like a month ago but we did it and it needs to be documented.
Welcome to the next 50 blog posts of catch-up.

This year we celebrated the 4th in Utah because a lot of our California family was down with a flu bug. We were headed to Utah on the 5th anyway as a stop-through for our family reunion in Colorado so we just opted to head out a couple days early and celebrate the 4th with my siblings in Utah!

We started the day like this...

And then we really started the day with the amazing Provo 4th of July parade. You guys. People stay the night in tents on the street to get a good spot. For real. For an Independence Day parade.

We opted for showing up halfway through the parade instead of spending the night ha. And we still got a seat in the shade?

Jack loved the parade (mostly the horses, motorcycles, police cars, and fire trucks - why did we go to a parade?) and Phillip loved hanging out and having a selfie photo shoot with mom.

Next up was partying with my sister's in-laws at their annual BBQ/swim party.

Good food, great company, and the boys were nice & exhausted after a full day of swimming. Thumbs up for that.

 And we obviously finished off the day with fireworks and sparklers.
Which Jack hated.
He mostly watched fireworks inside on TV instead. Maybe next year?

Enter our many attempts at a cool sister fireworks picture:
Not so much.

Aaaand. I just can't leave out my favorite quote of the day.
"THIS IS ALL FOR YOU AMERICA!" -at the top of Kelli's lungs in the middle of fireworks.

until my next very late, very photo-heavy blog post.

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