A birthday celebration!

Last Sunday we had a party with my side of the family to celebrate Jack turning 2!
We sang Happy Birthday first since I knew once the presents came I wouldn't be able to pull him away.
First, it was just cool to sit on the counter.

Then he was a little confused why everyone was singing.

Then he realized it was all for him.

And then he realized there was CAKE.

He was all too eager to blow those candles out...until he put his face so close that the flames was too hot ha.

So then Daddy had to help blow the second candle out.

Jack's cake was nothing near Pinterest-worthy
but it was delicious
and in my opinion...that's what really counts.

 On to presents!
Jack Jack got a Lego car that he is obsessed with
(thanks aunt michelle, uncle ed, jess & jake!)

Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen race cars.
Heaven.  Pure Heaven.

[which he will be spending at Disneyland when we go in October - thanks Great Grandma Davis!]
^I think he already knows how special money is ha^

He also got the Cars DVD and a board book which we read three times before bed.

Aaaand. The present we've been excited about for months?
Grandma and Grandpa Davis got Jack Jack a basketball hoop.
Holy perfect present.
You should see him watch & play basketball.
Both are hilarious.

Future basketball player, for sure.

Giant hugs for that basketball hoop.
Actually, he gave giant hugs all around.
But do you really want to see 8 pictures of him hugging people?
I thought not.

Daddy got the most giant hug of all.
Not really sure how I missed out on that?

A successful party with family.
and lots of playing with new toys late into the night.

And I'll just leave you with a really bad quality picture
[thank you fluorescent lighting]
of our family at the end of the par-tay.

PS Lucky little Jack still has one last birthday celebration to go.
Every month T's family does a family night all together where birthdays for the month are celebrated.
It's so fun to get to celebrate everyone's birthdays!
Pretty sure Jack won't complain about more cake.



  1. I love the first ones of him with his cake. Happy Birthday Jack!! It looks like you made it the best for him :)


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