Easy DIY Printed Baby Leggings

I almost didn't share this tutorial with you because the photos are really horrible quality. And the leggings didn't turn out exactly as I had imagined.
But here I am posting it anyway.

Note: Don't forget to slip some cardboard or heavy paper into the pant legs before stamping so the ink doesn't bleed through!

I think next time I want to try this tutorial from One Little Momma.
I'd also love to try potato stamping sometime. Look how cute Kelli's leggings turned out over at Kelli Trontel Lifestyle.

Let me know if you try this out!
I'd love to see pictures!
Or if you have your own blog post of DIY leggings, link it below!


  1. K so I made these when Lincoln was a baby!! I loved them so much. Yours are super cute!!

    1. Ahh I always loved Lincoln's little pants in your posts! I didn't know you DIY'd them!


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