Free Printable - Animals on Blue Chevron with Initial

Hello, friends!
OH MY GOODNESS, i am finally bringing you more printables!
so sorry to those who have requested things and it has taken me forever to get to creating.
i still, still, STILL do not have a working computer at home so i only can create when i'm at my parents' house and can use their computer. with two kidlets and no car during the days it is not easy to get over often to create!
BUT I promise to try to be better.
and come november 5 i will have an almost brand-spanking-new mac. at home.
and printables will come so much faster.
so please keep requesting!

This set of printables was requested by Haley over at Haley Tobias Events.
You can click, then right click, "save as" OR
You can also download the printable from my shared dropbox folder here.
Find these under "animals - light blue chevron - (animal of choice)"
and the letters a-z under "letters - light blue chevron - (letter of choice)"

*note: if you are new to dropbox pretty please sign up using my referral link here. Dropbox gives me extra space for referring you! More space = more free printables!



  1. Love!! These are adorable. I must have mommy brain at the moment. I can't seem to figure out how to get any other letter of the alphabet?! :-S

    1. Hi! Just click on the link in the post where it says "You can also download the printable from my shared dropbox folder here." The word HERE is a link! Just click and you will be taken straight to my shared dropbox folder which has all the letters. Look for them categorized under "letters - light blue chevron." Let me know if you have any other questions! xoxo


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