Jack's Quiet Book - revealed!

Many, many months ago I promised a reveal of a special project I was working on.
It took me only eight+ months to keep that promise BUT here it is!
Jack's quiet book!

This was seriously a huge, HUGE project.
I would say it took me an average of about 5 hours per page…so total was well over 80 hours.
I think I started in July and finished in early December!
During the last few months, I worked on it almost every day at nap time.
I can't even tell you how many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress I watched. And then other shows once I ran out of those. Ha. Netflix saved my sanity.
Don't get me wrong - it was SO fun to make but just know if you plan to do a quiet book it is very time consuming! …but so worth it!
OKAY enough talk…PICTURES.



Each paint color unbuttons


I made the base shapes all white so that Jack has to match based solely on shape and cannot rely on color matching.


All the stars and the moon have snaps so they can detach and be moved around.

The tent unzips and inside are three finger puppet animals in sleeping bags!

This page is the least interactive and is just a touch sensory page.

PS. Can I tell you how it was not a good idea to take pictures while Jack was awake? Half of them turned out like this ha


The mailbox opens (with a button) and has three envelopes with letters inside.

The stamps are all velcro'd on so they can be removed and swapped between envelopes.

The left side is the puzzle grid and the right side was intended to hold the puzzle pieces.
I say intended because it actually didn't really work out ha. It makes the book SO bulky…so hopefully a new solution coming soon.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3
[Jack was only 17 months old when we gifted him this book for Christmas and after making the first two puzzles I realized they were really difficult. So then I made a 4-piece puzzle ha)

Pattern here.

This is actually the only page I used a pattern for. I did add a few of my own pieces like the glasses and the round nose. This is a fun page because it's super easy to add more accessories later!




Road signs:

All the road signs are velcro'd and can be moved around the page.

The car stays hidden in the garage until it's ready to be played with.


The socks all come off the clothespins

 …and can go into the laundry basket.


All the pieces hide in the pockets when not in use.


The gold ribbon is threaded through the jump rings. 

All the ornaments, including the star on top, detach with snaps and can be moved around the tree.

I included the winter/Christmas pages because we gave this book to Jack on Christmas Eve.  Eventually, I want to create pages for several holidays and switch them out during different seasons. Some fun holiday page inspiration I'm looking at found here, here, here, and here.

A few notes in case you're interested!:

- My pages are all made from felt
- The book is currently bound with ribbon threaded through grommets.  I intended to use D rings but I haven't been able to find any large enough yet! I love that the binding isn't permanent and the pages are easy to switch out.
- The total of all the supplies I used was probably somewhere between $30-$40.  I had a lot of things on hand but needed to purchase extra felt, sequins, jump rings, grommets, grommet tool, snaps, mini clothespins, more velcro, and a zipper. Each individual item was really inexpensive but it adds up fast!
- I used one pattern (Mr. Potato Head) but everything else was just based off of quiet book pages I found on Pinterest. I did a lot of browsing, found a few things I liked, then created my own free-hand. Sorry, but I don't currently have any patterns! I did save all the parts I drew out so maybe one day!

So hoping this book lasts for years to come through several children! Jack only uses a few of the pages right now and there is plenty of room to grow with some pages that are currently too hard for him (or he's just not interested).  My 6.5 year old niece was over recently and played with the book for hours (which made my heart so happy!) so hopefully this will be used and loved for a long time!

So happy to finally share it with you!
Post your own quiet book if you've made one! I'd love to see it!



  1. what a great book! And how many love and time you spend with that, fantastic :-)
    may I use some of your ideas? the page with the shoes is very interesting..

    Some times ago I also made a book, but without interaction.. its in german, but the pictures need no explanation...if you want to have a look:

    1. Thank you! Definitely you can use any/all of the ideas! I used a lot of ideas from others, too! Your book is really cute! It looks like you've also made a lot of other really fun stuff!

  2. This is SO CUTE!! I love the little <3 Mom on the back. So sweet! Thank you for linking to our page :) We have quite a few other holiday pages too! I am trying to make a collection of holiday pages to swap out as well!

    Here is our 4th of July set:



    I have plans to add a few more Halloween pages this year, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas! Would love to see more photos of the pages you add!!

    1. Love all of those! I think having holiday pages is so much fun! Now if only I could make the time to get on it and create some more ha!

  3. A true labor of love. Your son is very lucky to have such a creative and patient mom! I've wanted to make one for my grand daughter but just can't fine the time. I'm inspired to give at least a few pages a try. Thanks for the inspiration and the many great ideas you have shared!

    1. I'm glad you like it! It is really time-consuming but it's totally worth it in the end, I promise!

  4. You put alot of time and effort into this. It is certainly a labor of love! Lots of thoughtfulness into details. I imagine this being appreciated by your grown children for their children to use. And generations to come. What a priceless gift you have given your children! Fantastic job.

  5. This is a great book and I loved the ideas of adding holiday pages, thank you for sharing. I don't often meet someone with the same name so it caught my attention, too. Marci

    1. Thanks, Marci! I was seriously so confused when I got a new email saying that "marci has posted a comment on your blog post." I thought my blog account had been hacked haha! It's true - there aren't a lot of marci's! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  6. simply stunning ;) thanks for sharing the fruits of your labour!

  7. Just stumbled upon this post...and I have to pick up my jaw off the floor! This is so genius and so well made! I'm hoping I can have the patience and creativity to do something similar!! :) SO impressed!

  8. What a gorgeous book! You did a wonderful job. I am going to attempt to make one of my own and I am a completely self-taught beginner-sewer (is sewer a word?) anyway, I see that there is decorative stitching around the borders of many of your designs (example, the stitching around the socks in the clothesline page). Can you tell me if that was done with a sewing machine? What is the name of the stitch so I can find a how to video? I think that stitch adds a nice finishing touch and just makes the product look so much more professional. Thanks for sharing! You are one talented woman!

    1. Thank you so much! They really are so fun to make! And I'm totally a self-taught beginner sewer too! I probably do everything the "wrong" way haha. The decorative embroidery stitch is called a blanket stitch or buttonhole stitch. I love this video for embroidery stitches: There are tons of other videos on how to do it though so just search it on YouTube and you should easily be able to find something that will help! Good luck with yours! xoxo

  9. Cutest book! My goal is to make 3 books this year. My brothers wife had triplets that are now 18 months. I think it would be fun to make them each a book. Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow! That is ambitious and awesome! You can totally do it! They would love it, I'm sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. so great and beautiful book

  11. This is great! I want to make one for my son, can I ask - for the page backgrounds, did you just get pieces of felt and sew them with the backs together (stitching closely around the edges)? I've seen quiet books where they had sewed them pictures together and had to turn them out, would be less bulky I think to just sew them backs together? Also any tips on working with the grommets, I've never used them before

    1. Thank you! For the page backgrounds, I sewed them with backs together and stitched around the edges! - no turning! I think they'd be very difficult to turn because, as you said, they're really bulky! I had never used grommets before this project, either, but I promise they are a piece of cake! I picked mine up at Walmart and just followed the directions on the back of the box. I bent the felt in half at the point where the grommet would enter and used scissors to make a tiny slit so I could cut a hole to put the grommet through...just be sure to not cut your hole too big! Good luck!!

    2. Did you find using felt for the pages made it bulky? I bought a bunch yesterday, pre-cut from a craft store so it seems like the easiest idea but I feel like the book would be super thick when it's done? Thanks!!


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