Masters Family Reunion: Part Dos

I'm writing these posts so late that I can't even distinguish days anymore.
So I'm just going to make it up.
and you'll not be the wiser.
because newsflash!: you weren't there.
minus all my family who reads this. and they probably don't remember either.
moving right along.

day 2.
i blogged. like 50-blog-posts kind of blogged.

The secret?: 101 people who were just begging to hold and entertain my children.
Can I have a family reunion every day?

the cousins played.

for jack & nathan, "playing" is hanging out on somebody's, anybody's, phone all day long.
and i totally let it happen.
because they're bonding, right?
RIGHT. and I am getting 50 blog posts done.
so win-win.

we played blow darts.

if you've never played you just get 1/2" (i think?) PVC pipe and have it cut into like 2 foot lengths then you put nerf darts in and blow away! so much fun. we are obsessed and play every time we go camping.
so we've played like twice ever.

it's a pretty serious game so be forewarned.
lots and lots of planning and strategy involved.
like "let's just all sprint for it at once. surprise tactic." it's real complicated.

phillip was definitely not hating all the attention.

we napped like this. every day.

we played games.
mostly wizard.
if you do not own that game GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW.
your life will be changed forever.
meaning you will now have one less hour every day to do whatever you normally do.
since if you're like us, you will have wizard withdrawals if you go a day without playing.
sidenote: if you follow kelli's blog, i'm pretty sure she didn't include this gem in her family reunion post.

We had a family home evening lesson on serving others.
We split into three groups (by birth year so the youngest group ended up with exactly three official adults and a bunch of children...haha, sorry y'all. maybe i should have thought that through better.)
Each group had to find a scripture on service then share it with the whole family.
At the end we each wrote our names on a piece of paper, threw them in a hat, and drew a name.
You had to do secret acts of service for that person the whole week!
and then at the end of the week we shared who we had.
it turned out to be so fun and i think we should do it every reunion!

day 3.
i took exactly two pictures.

Judging by the content of both, I'm thinking this is the day some of us hung out at the lodge playing games, reading books and playing darts while others went on a scenic drive.
i am so not a scenic drive-type person.

day 4.
these boys are both obsessed with cars and trucks and rocks and anything boy.
so they were livin' it up in the wilderness.

we drove into town to get ice cream.
found the cutest little ice cream shop that had a kids' play area with giant chalkboard.
jack was in heaven!

mine, kelli & catherine's (plus spouses)* turn for cooking dinner.
*my spouse was otherwise occupied with watching children and kelli's spouse was otherwise occupied with laying in bed with strep throat so by spouses i mostly mean just mean catherine's spouse.

Phillip wasn't hating all the attention yet.

day 5.

jack & nathan had the time of their lives pointing at all the passing cars that were going so "fast!"

it was such an exciting game that this happened afterward.

there was a lot of lazing around, hanging out, game-playing, and just being together.
all of my favorite things to do at reunions.

and then my dad asked my sisters & i if we wanted to play frisbee.
at first we said yep!
and then. we figured out real quick that our dad is somehow a frisbree throwing pro?
and we all suck.
he tried to teach us and i learned a thing or two but i'm pretty sure i still couldn't hit a target if my life depended on it.

Phillip still wasn't hating all the attention

and neither was jack.

two more blog posts coming soon before you can rid your blog feeds of the family reunion-ness.

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