Masters Family Reunion: Part Uno

Wellll like one and a half million months ago we had a family reunion for my mom's side of the family.
lots of cousins. lots of aunts & uncles. lots of siblings. lots of niece (yeah i just have one). lots of nephews. two parents. and one grandma.
it. was. fabulous.
there are way too many pictures to do this in just one post so. lucky you!
multiple reunion posts.

We traversed to the beautiful Colorado and stayed at a lodge.
I think the reunion site won thumbs up all around.

We got to caravan with 4 of my sibs from Utah ---> Colorado which made the drive so much more exciting.
Even though you're all in different cars. The potty breaks are more exciting. Lunch is more exciting. Waving every now and then is exciting.
I'm easily amused.
Apparently Jamie didn't think all of this was as exciting as I thought it was.

Jack & Aunt Kelli are like *this* (i'm crossing my fingers)

is she gorgeous or what?!
side note: do you think we look at all alike?
i always get such differing opinions on whether any of my siblings & i look alike.

The reunion site has swings so naturally Jack loved it.

We didn't arrive at the lodge until around 7:30 the first night so we had dinner, chatted it up and then hit the sack.
let's end part uno with this gem
jack & cousin max who he is completely obsessed with now.
anytime i call my sister (or say her name!) jack says "where's max!?"
cousin-friends are the best.


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