Phillip at 6 months

An update on Phillip?
Okay, sure!

Note: there's a great possibility this post will only be interesting to grandparents and others who might be unhealthily obsessed with my children.
oh, so maybe just the grandparents then?

I'll start by saying this: our little babe is seriously so sweet and a huge people-person and everyone comments to us on how happy he always is.

And then I'll say this: he sure is giving us a run for our money!
^this, friends, is how 90% of my day goes some days.^
the babe generally hates to be set down!
like i said before, he is such a people person. he loves people. any people!
he would rather have a stranger hold him all day long than be put on the ground.
or in his exersaucer. or bouncer. or swing. or anywhere but somebody's arms.
i would tell you jack was never this way but it's hard to say for sure since
a) he was my only child and i had all the time in the world to sit and hold him if he wanted
b) we were living with my parents until he was almost 10 months old (while we were house-hunting/waiting to move into our new house!). so we lived with four other people and there was never a shortage of arms available to hold him.
but phillip? he is with only me all day long. and there is jack to care for. and i just cannot hold him 24/7!
he thinks i'm the meanest mom ever for that.
hence his angry face in the above picture.

I have to take a moment to say BLESS MY POOR PARENTS for dealing with me as a baby…rumor has it I screamed bloody murder for 6 months straight. Didn't matter if you were holding me, rocking me, whatever. I screamed. My parents cut vacations short just because I wouldn't stop screaming. It's true - it's all in the journal my mom kept for me as a baby. Turns out I had a really bad UTI that the doctors didn't catch for a while but STILL. My goodness. How they ever survived it and came out sane I will never know.

next on the naughty list: he hasn't learned how to soothe himself to sleep and needs to be rocked.
and then you better make sure he's out cold before you lay him down otherwise he wakes right back up and screams at you.
oh, you mean I should do sleep training?
been there. done that. doesn't work.
but, please. if you're a sleep-training mastermind, by all means come to my house and sleep train my baby! i'm not even being a little bit sarcastic. i truly mean that. i will do just about anything for the child to sleep (all by himself).

i'm pretty sure phillip knows i'm writing this right now because he's on the ground, cruising around playing very happily. all by himself. making me feel like a liar. and so, so guilty of accusing him of being so needy ha!

oh. and it's so sweet that he's such a mama's boy but at the same time - it is exhausting!
when daddy gets home, Phillip is SO happy to be rescued from the ground/exersaucer/bouncer/wherever he is…for about two seconds. and then he spies mama and the crying starts all over again until I take him.
i'm exhausted, you guys.
and tom wonders why i'm already talking about having another one ;)
me too, sometimes.

but then this face smiles at you and you want 10 more.
 or maybe just 3 more.

let's move on to happier things about phillip at 6 months.
he is cruising everywhere!
he started scooting a week before he turned 6 months (so much earlier than jack!)
and he's so fast now! he even climbs up the single steps in our house.
cahhh razy.
he also always gets up on his hands & feet and occasionally will take a step or two that way before collapsing.
i about died when he did it on my exercise mat. i don't even do yoga but my baby apparently does?

next on the list: he is busy. Jack was not nearly so busy. He was fine to just chill all day. Phillip not so much. He is constantly grabbing for everything in reach, wiggling around, and getting into trouble ha.
Feeding him solids is an adventure every time. You have to clear everything from the table or else he'll clear it for you. And even if there's nothing for him to grab, he'll twist around like this and wiggle so much he either pushes the Bumbo across the table or wiggles himself out.

Maybe we should install that seatbelt Bumbo sent us after the "recall"? I never bothered with Jack because he never did stuff like this!

You can't ever leave him unbuckled in his car seat (like in the stroller or in a cart) because he'll flip himself around then stand up (super scary when it's in the stroller!)

Growth stats?
He is 25% for weight and 75% for height.

Have I mentioned he can't just chill?
^I thought maybe the bouncer would lull him to sleep but instead he sat up and played with the on/off/music/vibrator buttons. I guess it's time to put the bouncer up in the rafters^

Phillip la-la-loooves bath time.
Heaven on earth, I tell you.

Even though he's a busy baby, he is a super cuddly! I'm not really sure how those can be two traits in the same baby but it's true. He loves to go go go but pick him up and he immediately turns into a little cuddle bug.
^uhhh yeah. my hair is pretty much always in a top knot these days. mom bun, anyone?^

His happiest, happiest time of day is probably first thing in the morning.
Unfortunately, he wakes up at least a good hour before Jack which is a sad thing for this mama who got used to sleeping in until 8-9 every morning ha.

Leave the babe for two seconds and you come back to this:
Toilet brush in one hand, going for the toilet bolt cap he took off, and swimming in toilet bowl water.
All awesome.
PS You should know that I left Jack & Phillip in the same room, came back a minute later, found Jack asleep on the bed and Phillip doing this. 
How does that happen when they come from the same two people?

What else?
WHAT ELSE will entertain the masses about my baby?
Nothing else?
Well then.
I will just leave you with 1,000 more pictures.
Because I am that mom.
And also because this blog must be printed into a Blurb book at the end of the year and whatever would Phillip do if I excluded even one single picture of him?
Hate me for the rest of my life, obviously.
And so. Behold the pictures.

^this is the one time ever in his life that he has actually slept in his crib. i'm exaggerating just a little but it sure does feel that way^

^and this is the one time ever that he sat straight forward in the Bumbo long enough for me to snap a picture. that's mostly because he had already snatched this spoon right from my hands and was too proud to be mischievous for a second.

^good thing jack is a good sport because phillip is forever climbing all over him^


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