Photo Dump

Because when you get behind on blogging the easiest thing to do is a giant photo dump.

I really wanted a picture of his outfit but the kid wouldn't turn around.
T picked it out and I was so proud!

^do not let this happy face fool you. the kid hates to have his teeth brushed. it's a fight twice a day.

have i ever told you that when jack was born his head was in the 100th percentile? ONE HUNDREDTH. imagine delivering that. not fun, i tell you. although it's now more in the 80% range he still has a HUGE head. Sometimes we really struggle to get his tshirts on and off.
^ i about died watching this ^

celebrating cousin hayden's 4th birthday party:
^birthday boy^

^phillip wasn't mad about all the attention^

^he is not a child to fall asleep anywhere so when this happened, i knew it meant he was really, really tired.^

^do not be fooled. this is the 1% of the time that he is in his crib and not screaming bloody murder. i had to document. ^

Hold on. Have I told you he is CRAWLING?! Crawling! He started army crawling 6 days before he turned 6 months. Now (1.5 weeks later) he's on to bigger and better things like crawling on his knees and CLIMBING STEPS. He seriously got up that step. My jaw dropped because Jack didn't do that until he was 10 months old. What the?!

I forgave him for growing up so fast because just look.
I meeean.

 ^teaching him young so maybe he doesn't hate it as much as Jack?^
[although jack started brushing his teeth at 7 months so i'm not sure the one month difference is going to help ha.]

^this guy^


^he even gets onto his feet...can you tell?^

and because i can't get enough of his cuteness:
^bath time is all fun and games until you wash his hair. then the smiles disappear real quick^

can we talk about my new PPB bag for one minute?
it is gorgeous. and convenient (backpack). and it was on sale.
love love love.

and also. my love for j.crew factory must be mentioned.
bought this skirt while in utah (because our nearest j.crew factory at home is 1.5 hours away!)
and i drool every time i wear it.
nevermind the fact that it was reduced by $10 like two days after i bought it.
insert crying emoticon.
or mad face. that works too.
^i'm somehow awesome at capturing the random happy moments when my kids are doing things they hate. because phillip hates baby food and somehow he's smiling here? like he gags the entire time. meal time is wonderful.^

lemme just say: i love our life.

end photo dump.
thanks for sticking it out.
back to your regularly scheduled blogging program soon.
so soon.
i halfway promise.


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