an update before an update.

it's like the calm before the storm.
except probably not because it's really just an update.
right before i post another update in a few days.
it's actually not even really an update because these pictures are all from so long ago that it's not at all updated. it's it's more of a downdate.
or a past date.
or just get on with it already?

As I was back-to-school-clothes-shopping (it's practically all one word, right?) with my brother* I held a shirt up to show him and said "this is nice."
Then I hear in a little voice behind me "this is nice" and Jack had pulled a shirt off the shelf and was holding it up to himself. I died. Seriously loving the copy-cat stage.
*my brother was seriously my favorite person ever for inviting me to go back-to-school-clothes-shopping with him. pretty sure that's the best kind of shopping and i haven't gotten to do it in YEARS.

This has no story. It's just cute.

Tom went to san francisco on business and when he got home on a friday night we went out to dinner and then he got a big fat "welcome home!" from the car when the battery died in the parking lot.

Jack thought the tow truck was pretty cool

until it started to drive away with our car.
then he cried.

the cuteness. it's too much sometimes.

Babies wake up, Daddy brings them to the playroom, comes back to the bedroom to shower.
Next thing I know Jack comes running into the bedroom "uh oh! baby! markers!"
can't be good. won't be good.
run down the hallway and this.

I brought baby back to the bedroom and showed him to T.
his response "i'm not really sure why I thought markers would be better than crayons..."
me neither.
for the record, he didn't get the markers out for the baby. they were for the little picasso better known as jack who is obsessed with coloring. but i don't think the baby got the memo.

to the tune of "row row row your boat":
brush, brush, brush your teeth
brush them every day.
brush them once, brush them twice.
keep the cavities away.
Sung twice a day, every day. In theory, at least. 
Sometimes we forget to brush them once, brush them twice.

Oh hey, guys. I'm an A's fan by default.

he stands up on everything. and has been doing so since about the day he turned 6.5 months old.
keeping me on my toes, this one.
jack didn't even army crawl until 9 months old.

he also climbs stairs, climbs onto boxes/the dishwasher/jack's stool/everything.

and of course jack copy-cats it all.
he's into everything, guys.

one day i walked out of my bedroom and oh, hey, there's a hand in the hallway.
jack often falls asleep on the floor of his room at nap time (after giving up the fight of begging me to let him out) and this day he apparently left his hand hanging out under the door. it was a little creepy for half a second and then just funny every time i walked by.

will summer ever end? i mean. we like swimming and all but i've been ready for fall since july sooo. as cute as they are in these little swim suits, i'm pretty ready to toss them into boxes and pull out the jackets long sleeve shirts because, let's be honest, it never gets cold enough for a jacket.

is it just me or does him sitting on his knees like this make him seem not-so-baby anymore?

the things toddlers think are hilarious.

representing mommy's work alma mater.
is that even a thing?

the floor-sleeping in action.
i should probably move this up to the spot where i talked about floor sleeping but nope. because i'm just too lazy. and it's my blog so i do what i want. or don't want.

oh hey dad! phillip is pretty happy to see you after your business trip.
but jack is apparently too cool for that nonsense.
off camera, he really was excited.

more step-climbing. more on the go go.

back when i started this post (and by started i mean dumped a bunch of pictures into it then forgot about it for several weeks) these pictures were so exciting because phillip was STANDING.
but he was like 6 months old then and he's almost 8 months old now and it's definitely old news because he stands up on everything all the time. but the pictures are here all the same.
so let's just pretend to be excited all over again.
i really thought that the second time around all the milestones probably wouldn't be as exciting as they were in round one. you know because been there, done that. but no. it's still equally and ridiculously as exciting.
so exciting that i even took pictures of the whole process of phillip standing up for the first time as seen above.

this is jack and his best friend aka "ban-kah" aka grandpa.

oh hey, daddy & jack.
you are both pretty cute.
and phillip in the window? you're cute too.

until my next completely random update post, friends.


  1. First - your boys look exactly like their daddy! Second - love your house! Third- I want to love somewhere that doesn't require jackets. Ugh. Jealous!

    1. Don't they?! We get that all the time! I actually don't see it as easily as everyone else but I know it's true because EVERYBODY tells us so! And oh my goodness, I want to live where you are that DOES require jackets haha!! I'm so bored of the heat!


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