Family Reunion: Part Tres

Day 6.
Horseback riding!
Best idea ever thanks to my uncle.
He even paid for a portion of everybody's ride so we could all afford to go. 
Seriously, sweetest uncle ever. Ever.

^look at this cute little cowboy!^

^just getting a little practice in^

So Jack Jack was great, amazing, awesome, so good the first hour.
The second hour he was not all those things. Or any of those things.
He was so tired and hating his helmet that was too big and falling over his eyes, and feeling hungry and wanting to get down and also wanting to ride on daddy's horse and basically he cried the entire last hour.
I felt more sorry for everyone else in our group than I did for myself even though I still felt pretty sorry for myself ha ha!
Good thing our entire group was family.
Or maybe not a good thing since they had to see us afterward?
Anyway. An hour would have been sufficient for Jack but it was still so fun and because he LOVED the first hour, it was so worth the trauma of the second hour ha!
He would pet the horse and say "good horsey!" and we had to sing the theme song from "Sherrif Callie's Wild West" about a million times because our horse's name was Callie. So that was fun.

The views though, you guys?
Our group was so big they had to split us in two.
One group rode first while the other group hung out and then we traded.
We were in group1 so Phillip got to hang out with group2 while we rode.
It appears that he didn't notice he was missing out.
^also. wind in face?^

While our horse wasn't too bad (minus repeatedly knocking my foot out of the stirrup with her head - stop that, callie! cue music: sherrif callie's wild wild west, yee haw!), some horses were (far) less than obedient.
Pretty sure Mark's horse is a great example:
ha ha!

My little sister Jamie's first horse was so disobedient that she demanded to get down about thirty seconds into the ride. She later rode with group2 on their supposed "most tame" horse but word has it that horse was pretty mean too.
^but how cute are my cousins/sister!?^

^and uncle mark's feminine pose kills me. so i have to share. and also. MAN, is he excited or what?! he looks like a little kid going to disneyland.^
sidenote: i just noticed ryan's shirt says disneyland on it. bahaha.
they should trade shirts.

^seriously love my family. too bad we don't get to see each other more often!^

Overall, super fun day.
And also Chris looks like a creeper in the background.

and bonus!
the kids all hung out the rest of the night just chilling on the floor watching TV.
that never happened except for probably the amount of time it took me to take this picture.

one more post coming your way oh so soon.
aren't you thrilled?

and PS someone snapped this of jack at some point and oh the cuteness.
mr. bunny and all.

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