Free Printables: The World is Your Playground

Tiffany over at Crafting a Fairytale had me create a black & white world map for her baby, Kingston's, super cute monochromatic nursery. She way super enlarged the print and then DIY'd the phrase "the world is your playground." It turned out so, so cute and it inspired me to add that phrase to some world maps for those of you who don't have the time or the desire to DIY!
And so I give you:

My favorites are the first two...easily.
What about you?

Remember you can use these printables by right clicking and saving to your computer OR visit my shared dropbox folder here to save and print all your favorites!
If you don't yet have dropbox and want to use some of these printables, be sure to sign up using this link so I can get more space for referring you.
More space = more free printables!


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