Life Underwater

So I bought one of those waterproof phone cases (more like bag - it's not a case you'd keep on all the time) from groupon. Because, ya know, underwater pictures are still so cool even 8 years after they were actually cool.
Our underwater picture taking experience turned out really well.
Clearly, by the pictures below.

Yeah. Lies.
They're basically all awful.
Better luck next time?

But how fun it is that Jack loves to go all the way under!


  1. k the second and third ones. AMAZING! Seriously, I love them so much. Love the composition and colors of them. Can't get over that he is underwater though. He's a little fish! My boys are the complete opposite. We got Tate to blow bubbles with his mouth this year. That's as far as we got this summer ;)

    1. He really is a fish! It's fun but scary at the same time. He is completely fearless and that's terrifying sometimes! But at the same time I'm worried that next summer he will all of a sudden know to be more afraid of the water and it will be hard to teach him to swim. Ya can't win haha.


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