Masters Family Reunion: Part Definitiva

Definitiva = final FYI.
So you can breathe a huge sigh of relief right now that after this post I will no longer be bombarding you with Masters Family Reunion 2014 nonsense.

DAY 7.

Started with a giant photo shoot.
The everybody, the cousins + grandma, the great grandkids, individual families, even smaller individual families, couples, original siblings, the list goes on for decades. I'll just show you some.
^the everybody.^
[that was there. we were missing three cousins, two cousins-in-law and one great grandchild.]
Excuse that I am leaning into my brother-in-law...I think I was trying to avoid the sun?
I realize that can make this picture very confusing of who belongs to who.

^my original familia^

^seesters. okay how CREEPY does kelli look?!^

maybe this one is less creepster.

and then after we did the sister poses (like much after)
my oldest sister thought we should do more.
this was after like an hour of picture-taking.
kelli and i were not impressed.
and clearly we thought we were hilarious.
 high five, kell. we rocked that photo shoot.

^my parents' grandchildren which also happened to be the only great-grandchildren at the reunion^
one lives in hungary and another is on the way!

^with grandma & grandpa^

and their crazy faces.
my kids don't get it, obviously ha.

^grandma & cousins except DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE CATHERINE IS?!^
somehow she snuck away and missed this picture?
I don't know if anybody noticed until looking through pictures later?
I am so confused.

^the originals. my grandma, my mom, & her sibs^

aaand my own little family.

 and then a mini photo shoot with phillip.

 and then kelli was jealous of my photo shoot and also of my baby so she requested a photo shoot with him, too.

 And so then.
after the day was half gone...
we went on a "hike" (ahem- stroll) around the lake.
jack thoroughly enjoyed running through every single puddle 
^please somebody watch kelli in the beginning. i die every time. what is going on?^

We thoroughly enjoyed the views.

and Phillip thoroughly enjoyed being toted around by anyone who offered to carry him
[mostly uncle taylor].

after our treacherous hike, we headed to downtown Boulder for family night pizza.
and then explored Boulder a bit.
and had haagen dazs ice cream which let's be honest might have been the best part of the entire reunion.
i'm half kidding.
^phillip still wasn't hating the attention^

and then it was day 8 and time to start the drive home.
tears were shed.
half because we were going to miss everyone and half because we had almost 20 hours of driving ahead of us.

luckily, we caravaned again which (if you remember from post uno) is fun.
we also found jack's rd and obviously made him pose for a picture. or two or ten.

aaaand the baby broke his first tooth on the drive home
so more tears were shed.
by everybody.
except jack who just covered his ears.

until next time, colorado.


see part one, part two, & part three.


  1. WOW! It is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous there! Holy cow! And your boys are so adorable. Can't get over them. So happy for you Marci. You looks truly happy. I wish we had all our boys at Wymount! It would be so fun to live by you now. And does Jack look just like Tom?! Couldn't get over it in the picture of the four of you.....looks like his little twin!

    1. OKAY I think all the time how much fun it would have been to have toddlers at wymount! Just being able to wander outside at any given moment and join a ton of other mamas & babies right in your own courtyard? Oh my goodness, I totally missed out there!


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