Our life from August.

Yeah, I was really bad at consistently blogging in August.
Let's be real. I say that every month.
I promise, promise once November comes and I have a computer at home full-time that's my very own I will be back to blogging so regularly.

Sooo anyway.
Here's our life from August.

Jack suddenly wants to do everything Phillip does. He copies him all. the. time.
He thinks it's so funny to crawl around like Phillip or try Phillip's food or climb all over me when Phillip does.

Aunt Kelli came for a quick visit (on business) and…we got no pictures with her BUT I did snap this one of Jack waiting for her to arrive. He was so so excited.

Daddy went to san fran on business for a week without us.
[we got to go with him the second week…stay tuned for an SF post].
Jack Jack asked all week "where's daddy?"

we swam.

We even had a couple swim lesson sessions with jack jack.
instructors: parents who have basically zero experience with swim lessons.
thumbs up for that.

what's a swim session with mom without a selfie photo shoot?
[ahem…what's anything with mom without a selfie photo shoot.]

 and how stinkin' cute are these boys!?

 oh and jack just loves to wear the pool "gasses".
for like two seconds. and then he wants them off.
repeat. repeat. repeat.

 We hung out at Grandma's.

 We had our monthly Wallace family home evening and celebrated August birthdays.
[aunt lisa, cousins haley & drew]

and since we missed the july family home evening, jack got to celebrate in august too.
^how cute is she?!^

FHE this month included swimming which we're fans of so *insert thumbs up emoticon*
[cousins livi, kate & claire]

[cousin haley]

[aunt kristen, aunt alyson, kate]

jack found a ukelele at uncle jeff & aunt kristen's and thought that was pretty awesome.

Phillip showed off his crawl-walking skillz.

i took a trip to ikea with my sister-in-law and the babe and he passed out just like this:
i feel ya, babe.
ikea is overwhelming!

we went shoe shopping with aunt jai and [obviously] took a selfie.
see above explanation about mommy & selfless.

took a trip to the mall as a family and the second we stepped inside this happened:
so that was awesome.
walking around the mall like that for an hour was…interesting.
and embarrassing considering i couldn't manage to not look like i had a major limp.
the only happy party is i got new shoes out of it.
but i loved these ones and only bought them at the beginning of the summer so i'm also pretty mad!
and the back strap constantly falls down on the new sandals i got sooo i guess there ended up being no happy part. <----i accidentally just typed party right there.
there was also no happy party, just to be clear.

moving on.
we went to a river cats game where i think i saw exactly one hit and the rest of the time chatted it up with tom's coworkers & coworkers wives ha.
and took pictures, obviously.
^these boys though!^

went shopping with grandma
which is practically unheard of considering my mom hates to shop.
but she needed a hat for her new york trip so shopping we went.
we didn't even need to go upstairs but we let jack ride the escalator anyway because that's the best part of the mall, right?! -according to a two year old.

Oh. And Jack just couldn't miss out on the hat-trying-on fun.
this was not at all encouraged by me.
i glanced over and he was just going at it.
love his hat choice haha

aaand this is what phillip thought of the shopping experience.

and that was our august in a nutshell!
see you next month!



  1. I went a whole year without a computer at a home and my blog showed for it :) I totally get you there!

    That made me laugh about Jack copying Phillip because Tate does that to Lincoln!! Big brothers looking up to their little brothers. I love it :)

    ohhh my gosh the picture of Jack in the goggles!!! TOO cute!! Love all of your pictures.

    And Phillip, stop growing up so fast! :)

    1. Not having a computer at home is the WORST. Whenever I complain about it Tom reminds me that I have a phone which true but so not the same at all!

      Oh my goodness, I love that Tate copies Lincoln too! It's so funny, right!? You totally expect it the other way around but I love the older one copying the little one!


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