Sleep sweet sleep.

You've heard of the 4 month sleep regression, haven't you?
You think your baby is sleeping so good and then BAM. 4 months hits and suddenly they don't sleep at all.
Well basically our baby never hit that 4 month sleep regression
...because he never slept well enough for them to be room to regress! ha seriously.
it's my own fault for letting him fall asleep in my arms all the time.
i'm not sure i can say i totally regret that because i mean, come on. they're only babies once.
but once he hit 7 months and was waking up every 45 minutes some nights. that's where i drew the line. our sleep situation was out. of. hand.

i mean. he's cute, but...
no longer.

enter cry it out.
yeah. did not work. did not.
i don't care how many times you want to tell me you just have to get past the first few nights. i'm telling you he screamed bloody murder for 3 hours straight (not on and off) and was completely hysterical and practically hyperventilating. that was the end of that.

enter the no-cry sleep solution.
also did not work.

so one night i was doing some googling (google solves all my problems) and happened across The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight.  After reading a few reviews, I ordered it from amazon (at like 3am) and anxiously awaited it's arrival. i am telling you right now. if your baby is having sleep problems do not walk, RUN and buy this book. it's like the middle ground of cry it out & no cry sleep solution. and it is a miracle.
(you can also go to her website here for a free guide and even sign up to get free weekly sleep tips (newborn-6 years) in your email inbox.

329 customer reviews on amazon. 4.5 stars. That tells you right there. GET IT.
So before we started this program, phillip was sleeping an average of 1hr 15min at a time at night. waking up 7-8 times each night wanting to be nursed and even that didn't put him right back to sleep. he'd often just wake up and fuss forever.
naptime was a nightmare. he would only fall asleep in your arms and when you tried to set him down in the crib he'd wake up in a matter of minutes screaming.
and then when he was awake, he was so so SO clingy. i couldn't set him down for a second without the waterworks starting.
I was honestly becoming so overwhelmed with everything that wasn't getting done. I had basically no time to do anything but hold the baby. i had no time for cleaning house, one-on-one time with jack, blogging, sleeping, anything.

and then we started this program.
and my life changed.

after day 1 i knew it was going to work even though it was a long night.
night 2 was long as well but i was even more sure we were headed in the right direction.

night 3 was even better (still not great - he woke up 4 times)
and night 4? he slept 10:45pm-5am! You guys. I had a dance party at 5am. In the nursery.
because i honestly don't think he had ever slept longer than 3 hours since the day he was born. ever.
okay maybe as a newborn once or twice when they get into those really long sleep stretches.
but besides that. NEVER.
i was in heaven.
he also took a 2 hour 45 minute nap that day and was putting himself to sleep in as little as 10 minutes sometimes! miracle of miracles.

night 5 he slept 7:15pm-3am, nursed at 3am, back asleep by 3:15am and slept until 6:30am.
i am amazed. and so so so happy.
and it just keeps getting better.

he's taking regular naps.
he's falling asleep on his own.
he's sleeping almost all night long.
i have some freedom.
things are getting done.
he is happy when he's awake. and not nearly as clingy.
life is good.

the best part about this program is that i noticed changes right away
and i never once felt like it was hard.
cry it out is hard. ask anyone who has done it.
even those it has worked for!
hearing your baby scream for hours is the worst.
this is so much more parent-friendly. and baby-friendly.
and overall the best.
i'm telling you. if you have problems with your baby/child sleeping
just go buy the sleep lady's book.
and then come thank me later.

here's to sweet dreams.

PS I realize this may sound like a sponsored post but the sleep lady has no idea who i am. i just genuinely love this book/program and want to shout it from the rooftops.

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