Our San Francisco Adventures

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well. I'm a bit late in sharing our San Francisco trip with you but better late than never, right!?
So back in August (I told you this was late!) T had some work training in SF. Since we're just a 90 minute drive away the babies and I decided to tag along! I also invited my little sister for my own entertainment and to help with the babes! Best idea ever.

T is a Gold Star Member (I don't know if that's really the title but it's something that sounds important) at Marriott which means he gets free room upgrades if they're available, access to the concierge lounge and other fun perks! We were offered a room upgrade but it had just one king bed and we didn't think we wanted to share a bed with my sister so we opted to stick with our still-ridiculously-nice-two-queen-bed room.

Right after disposing of our luggage we practically ran to the concierge lounge to grab some goodies before they closed for the night. Jack made himself right at home in front of the TV in an overstuffed chair with his sugar cookie. Kid was in heaven.
I don't blame him because I was pretty excited too.

What else convinced Jack he had died and gone to heaven? The all-glass elevators or "alligators" as he calls them haha. Every day we went into the hall to watch Daddy go down the elevator and wave goodbye.  He may or may not have had to send down some empty elevators just so he could get on one of the two where we could see him from our side of the hotel...what a trooper! 

Pushing the buttons was always a highlight of the day as was guessing which of the four elevators would open for us. I love how toddlers are so easily amused.

After T had left for work on day 1, Jai & I decided to head up to Fisherman's Wharf. And by "head up" I mean cry our way up San Francisco's massive hills while pushing the boys in the double jogger.  Those hills are no joke, you guys.

We tried to get a picture once we were up but it does not look nearly as bad as it felt!
Also, does this remind anyone else of Full House? Am I the only one who still loves that show? We really wanted to go to the Full House house but that would have been on day 3 and we decided we did not want to fight hills again haha.

Because, you guys. You know a street is steep when there are STAIRS.

While the walk was absolutely grueling, the weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing. So you can't really complain. I will anyway.

I mean, look at this!

Jack was a trooper and even decided to walk part of the way up the hills. I was so afraid he was going to lose his balance and topple all the way down haha!

When our legs felt like they were about to fall off we finally arrived at Fisherman's Wharf!

We walked around the shops, explored the pier, and let Jack run his little heart out.

After exploring for awhile we picked up some classic SF clam chowder in a bread bowl and OMG you guys. It was SO good.  I am no stranger to SF clam chowder but I'm blown away every time.
It was just a little windy. And we were just a lot freezing.

The clam chowder didn't warm us up enough to warrant staying outside for too much longer so we called it a day and headed back to the devil hills to make our way back to the hotel.

These little ones have it easy.

On day 2 the boys were so exhausted that we had to wake them up in the morning.

Aunt Jai, boys & I walked around Market Street and did some shopping because that's our favorite thing to do no matter where we go. Jack was in heaven at the Disney store.
Movies and coloring books and Mickey Mouse everywhere? A 2 year old's dream come true.

and then met Daddy for lunch in the business district. And then back to shopping. I travel all the way to SF and where do I end up?
Target, of course. My home away from home. I was so happy to see a Target and we had to go in. And I, of course, did not leave empty handed. And then I was really excited when from the Target window I spotted a fun little park with waterfalls!

So we scouted it out and I was thrown back to a high school field trip where we at lunch at this exact spot! 

Pretty sure we were in the city for a poetry reading with our English class and I'm pretty sure I remember that part being really weird. It was that yelling kind of poetry...I have no idea what it's called so I guess in a way that English class failed me haha!

We had so much fun hanging out here for awhile and the boys loved the all the water features!
^this kid!^

^Aunt Jai is seriously the best aunt ever!^
disclosure: my other sisters and sisters-in-law are the other best aunts ever!
pretty sure i would have suffered kelli's wrath had i not added that in.

We wore these kids out again on day 2 which made for some quiet hotel room time to indulge in some Forensic Files.

Once Daddy got home we headed to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which was my first time there ever (can you believe it?!) and I sadly have to say I don't know that I'd ever choose to go there again. I'm a HUGE pizza lover and CPK just didn't do it for me.

After dinner we obviously headed to the lounge so we could enjoy the free dessert. You better believe we never missed dessert time. Jack & Phillip weren't mad about that.

Day 3 was short with T finishing up with his training around noon.  Jai & I did squeeze in some more Market Street shopping in the morning though, of course! I'm so glad we decided to join T on his trip! It was the perfect little getaway and so fun to get to hang out with my sister all day for 3 days!

Aaaand I got exactly one blurry picture with Jamie (except for our selfie at Fisherman's wharf) and exactly zero pictures with Tom. I rock.

Thanks for forgiving me for being so late in sharing our SF adventures with you!

Don't hate me for another update

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Massive updates are almost coming to an end!
I know, you are so sad. #not

Baby loves to climb on the dishwasher so I always make sure I put the top up even if I walk away for just a minute. Buuut apparently he now knows how to pull it back down. So now I'm going to have to push it til it locks which is annoying because it's old and hard to close. Mischievous little thing!

I was so proud of our sleeping progress. Naps no longer a fight, sleeping through the night...

We had a baby who was waking up happy and playing in his crib until I came to get him instead of screaming his head off after every nap.
and then. We went to Disneyland and all shared a room and go ahead and just erase the many nights of sleep training because we are back to square one. And so round 2 of sleep training began last night. Don't stop by my house today - I'm a little bit of a zombie. And do not ring my doorbell anytime during what might be nap time. Because we will all be sleeping. Thanks.

This little shopping buddy. My favorite.
I was supposed to go shopping with Aunt Jai for mission clothes but when this little boy found out I was going to the store and not bringing him there was a serious meltdown. He loves stores so much and was just a heartbroken little thing. And so he came. And he loved every minute. And he's showing you the nail polish he found (and spent 5 minutes organizing on the shelf ha).

This happened and I knew it didn't look like the best idea ever but it was cute and so I did not intervene.

and then .02 seconds later this happened.

Phillip is obsessed with the rocking horse which makes me so happy since Jack has barely touched it since he got it from Santa last Christmas. And also...Jack loves to play dress-up with Phillip. Pretty sure he wears at least 10 different hats every day.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy one of these giant bears for the next baby. Wouldn't it be the best prop for the month-by-month photos?! 

Plus Jack & Phillip would be in heaven.

Back to this kid's love of shopping. I think Tom is wondering what I've done to our boy. What can I say? He just loves to carry my shopping bags and I guess he's seen me carrying stuff like this?

Shopping cart seat belts? Extremely effective.

This little one is a trouble maker for sure but that cute little face!

thanks for sticking it out, friends.
only a few more updates coming your way.


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