Breaking from the Disneyland posts

Oh, hi guys.
Mini hiatus from the Disneyland posts.
So I can throw 1,000 pictures in your face for a much-needed update.
the bad news is there is another post with 1,000 more pictures waiting to be written and published.
you can just go unfollow me right now.

cousins make the best friends, amiright?

sometimes grandpa takes us out to lunch. and then to ice cream afterward. jack doesn't hate it.

no words needed.
[i used some anyway^]

these two. oh my goodness.
i think bath time is maybe the best time. they are both SO happy in the bath and they giggle like nobody's business and mostly share the bath toys and are so fun to watch together.

if only you could see jack's dance moves in person. we especially like his "hamburger" dance. he made it up all by himself and the words go like this "hamburger, hamburger, hamburger" while his arms move up and down and he shakes his booty. it's about the best dance ever known to mankind.

Baby (rarely called Phillip around here) is into everything. Like when I used to say that about Jack I did not know what it meant. Phillip does. not. stop. He is constantly on the gogogo and I think maybe we should have named him Trouble Maker although he probably would still be called Baby so I guess we'll just keep his original name.

but then. he has these blue eyes.
and who can ever get mad at those blue eyes?

and jack jack is the same easy-going kid he's always been.
never into anything he's not supposed to be into, pretty much always calm and happy.
except when he's having his 2 year old tantrums.

that wasn't so bad, right?
just wait until the next one.

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