Heads up: there will be no rhyme or reason to disneyland posts.
that said: post 1 is finally here!

OH MY GOODNESS you guys.
Disneyland was just as amazing as I imagined it would be. I've been to Disneyland so many times I can't even count and every experience is nothing short of amazing. But Disneyland with kids? With your own kids? I can't even tell you how much more amazing it is. You just have to experience it. So if you have children, TAKE THEM.
I just want to go again tomorrow.
and the next day. and the next day. and every day for forever.
and it would be magical every single day.

So let's start with the drive down.
The boys are seriously so good every time we go on road trips and disneyland road trip was no exception. oh! and jack watched one video on the way to disneyland and no videos on the way home. i was pretty proud of him for self-entertaining so well!

Phillip got a little sick of the pictures.

 The night we arrived we headed to Downtown Disney to let Jack look around World of Disney at all the toys. He was in heaven you guys. Cars toys everywhere. Mickey Mouse everywhere. I couldn't even handle all the happiness. We made Jack save all his birthday money (from july!) to spend at disneyland. I think he ended up with $75 to spend…that is one rich 2 year old.

After toy-browinsg (and buying) we sat down to watch the Disneyland fireworks since they weren't going to be happening any of the nights we were there. It's definitely not as good when you aren't in the park and can't hear all the music that goes along with them but still. We were at Disneyland. So it was magical.
DAY 1.
First ride: Peter Pan.
Jack cried a little during the dark parts but afterward he said he liked it haha.
Next ride: Casey Jr Train. We have no pictures. I don't know how that happened. But he loved it.
Third ride: DUMBO. Which turned out to be his very favorite.
he was so excited while waiting in line! we only had to wait one rotation but he couldn't wait to get on those elephants!

Tom rode with Jack Jack

 and I rode with Phillip who ended up loving it too.

 Ride 4: Teacups while my parents and siblings rode Matterhorn.
There was absolutely no line so we got to just stay in our teacup and ride again.
We could have gone for 3rd or 4th rides but there was just too much to discover to stay in teacups all day. Although Jack may not have minded. The kid LOVED the teacups. I'm so sad we didn't get to go on them again after day 1.

 and then I lost track of the order of rides. you're welcome.
the carousel was a hit with the littles. and the bigs, too.

naps happened in strollers. both boys were great at napping amid all the craziness.

T & I hadn't been to Disneyland in 4 years which was a new record for me (we used to go at least once a year growing up and a couple years had annual passports and went 3-4 times in a year!) and let me tell you - serious withdrawals.
Since it had been so long there were a lot of new things we hadn't seen before! One of them was Cars Land. OH my goodness. Jack is obsessed with Cars so I was so so SO excited to take him to Cars Land and it did not disappoint. He absolutely loved it!
Our first stop in Cars Land was the tractor ride. Seriously such a fun ride even if you don't have a little kid with you! Poor Jack kept getting smushed between me & jai when the tractor swung around but he loved it. I'm pretty sure he was laughing the whole time.

Growing up, we never ever ate in the park. No snacks or anything.
Everything we ate was brought in or we left the park for meals.
This trip we decided to eat in the park to be able to save time.
Let me tell you that Disneyland/California Adventure food is amazing.
And while you pay a lot (a lot!) you get really big portions almost everywhere you go!
I don't know if you can tell but this burger my dad ordered at Carnation Cafe was HUGE.
I have never in my life seen a bigger burger.

Can I recommend: if you have little kids who can't go on all the rides take another family with you! We took my parents and two of my younger siblings and it was awesome to be able to trade watching the kids so T & I could go on rides together. And also you almost always got to wait out with someone else if you were the one waiting. And then we of course used the baby switch passes so 3 people got to go on later. We could never do Disneyland alone now (while we have little babies).


 and we ended night 1 in the best way possible.
meeting mickey mouse.
jack loved meeting characters. i think it might have been his very favorite part. he wanted to meet every character we saw, even the ones he didn't even know! he would run right up to them and say "HI!" and then tell them to "high pive!" And then fist bump. And a giant hug. 

 [many] more disney posts coming soon!
thanks for being ohsopatient.

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