Disneyland!: part 2

I told you about Jack + characters, right?
Serious love, y'all. Like he was obsessed with every single character he met.
Everybody got a "high pive!" and also had to pound it and finger poke with jack jack. if we could have just stopped and taken pictures with characters for three days straight, i think jack would have left disneyland the happiest kid on earth haha.

on day 2 we had to ride dumbo again (of course!) because it was jack's favorite ride. oh and he was very adamant that he wanted the "pink elepant."

Carousel, round 2.
warning: you guys are going to hate me for the massive amount of pictures i'm about to post of jack on the carousel but …they're just all SO cute. i'm not biased at all. sorrynotsorry.

t & i seriously loved being able to go on rides together since we had family with us to help out watching the boys.

I was pretty unsure about waiting 30 minutes to go into Minnie Mouse's house to look around then see her but it turned out to be worth it for how much jack LOVED it.
"minnie's pone (phone)!" "minnie's compooter!" "minnie's oven!" "minnie's compooter!" "minnie's couch!" "minnie's compooter!"
He really liked Minnie's compooter.

and throughout the whole minnie experience...
phillip & daddy just strolled through the park while jack & i did the minnie thang. you know, after a huge breakdown for phillip while we were all in line.

one of the biggest highlights of our disney trip? seeing the boys' faces during mickey's magical parade. oh my heaven. jack was entranced the whole time. the frozen float was a big hit and so were all the mickey & friends characters and basically every other float. he still talks about donald duck playing the drums in the parade.
^okay, and how cute is my mom? hello, one of the cutest grandma's ever!^

day 3 started with a really exciting visit with mickey mouse (round 2 since we saw him the first day wearing his pilot uniform).

and then later we passed woody and, of course we had to see him too.
because jack is in love with "woody and jessie and the horsie."
i'm not totally sure if he had ever even seen toy story before disneyland but he wants to watch it every time we go to grandma's now.

oh and um. woody hugged jack for about 5 minutes and you should have seen jack's face in the fifth minute. pretty unsure if woody was ever going to let him go. huge eyes and very concerned face bahaha.

and so ends part 2. only a few hundred more disney posts coming your way.

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