Disneyland: Part 4

The randomness continues.
Sorry, friends.

Jamie could not [could not!] stop talking about how badly she wanted to go to disneyland's petting zoo hahaha. so we finally gave in to her begging and visited the goats. and she was happy.

i think jack liked it too but he petted the goats for about five seconds and then said "all done!"
sorry, jamie, he just did not inherit your love of goats.

He doesn't look like it but jack loved astro blasters!
we were pretty proud of his 2,500 point score for not even knowing what he was supposed to hit haha.

Phillip loved it too but his score was 0.

apparently i was afraid of the ride.
note: pretty sure i was actually just itching my nose. oh, and excuse my score. jack ended up taking over my gun.

and tom's superman for having both boys by himself and still scoring over 200,000.

Oh, if you ever go to disneyland and are planning to eat in the park at least once, do not skip the monte cristo sandwiches at cafe orleans. do not. and share it. it's sooo filling.

You should have seen how many rides Mr. Bunny got to go on!
don't worry, jack made sure to always buckle him in. safety first!

see all these empty small world boats behind us?
do not be fooled, the park was not empty. the line was fairly short (10 minutes-ish) but there was a second line that was even shorter since there was NOBODY in it. even after people saw us go in that line and get on a boat they just stood in the original line and waited. while we had several empty boats behind us. 
even after we passed by people waiting and told them they could go in the second "line" which wasn't really a line since nobody was in it. they still didn't. and they waited. and we laughed.

and enjoyed our empty boat.

and i'll just go ahead and end this post by killing you.
[with cuteness!]


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