Don't hate me for another update

Massive updates are almost coming to an end!
I know, you are so sad. #not

Baby loves to climb on the dishwasher so I always make sure I put the top up even if I walk away for just a minute. Buuut apparently he now knows how to pull it back down. So now I'm going to have to push it til it locks which is annoying because it's old and hard to close. Mischievous little thing!

I was so proud of our sleeping progress. Naps no longer a fight, sleeping through the night...

We had a baby who was waking up happy and playing in his crib until I came to get him instead of screaming his head off after every nap.
and then. We went to Disneyland and all shared a room and go ahead and just erase the many nights of sleep training because we are back to square one. And so round 2 of sleep training began last night. Don't stop by my house today - I'm a little bit of a zombie. And do not ring my doorbell anytime during what might be nap time. Because we will all be sleeping. Thanks.

This little shopping buddy. My favorite.
I was supposed to go shopping with Aunt Jai for mission clothes but when this little boy found out I was going to the store and not bringing him there was a serious meltdown. He loves stores so much and was just a heartbroken little thing. And so he came. And he loved every minute. And he's showing you the nail polish he found (and spent 5 minutes organizing on the shelf ha).

This happened and I knew it didn't look like the best idea ever but it was cute and so I did not intervene.

and then .02 seconds later this happened.

Phillip is obsessed with the rocking horse which makes me so happy since Jack has barely touched it since he got it from Santa last Christmas. And also...Jack loves to play dress-up with Phillip. Pretty sure he wears at least 10 different hats every day.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy one of these giant bears for the next baby. Wouldn't it be the best prop for the month-by-month photos?! 

Plus Jack & Phillip would be in heaven.

Back to this kid's love of shopping. I think Tom is wondering what I've done to our boy. What can I say? He just loves to carry my shopping bags and I guess he's seen me carrying stuff like this?

Shopping cart seat belts? Extremely effective.

This little one is a trouble maker for sure but that cute little face!

thanks for sticking it out, friends.
only a few more updates coming your way.

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