Once upon a time.

Once upon a time poor little Phillip had a fever for three days which turned out to be roseola. It was a sad three days.

Once upon a time we went to the park for the first time in 7 months. Did i really just admit that?
and guess what? in 7 months' time, jack really grew up and can now go down the slide all by himself! haha.
and the boys had so much fun i realized i really should go to the park more often.
that was two months ago. we haven't been back. oops.

i think phillip intuitively knew this wasn't going to be an all-the-time thing and he was pretty mad about the tease. sorry, baby! maybe we can go tomorrow.

this is a good reason to really go tomorrow.

once upon a time i taught jack how to play candyland.
he doesn't really get it but he loves it anyway.

oh, and he won.

once upon a time, jack became a little copycat and started copying everything we did or said. this is him copying while we were squatting looking at something in the garage ha.

Once upon a time, Jack decided his golf club cart turned into a vacuum. It has not since turned back into a golf club cart. If only it was a real vacuum. Crumbs on the floor would become a thing of the past.

Once upon a time Jack lost his walking privileges and had to sit in the Target cart after running away from me. He seems pretty upset about that, right?

Once upon a time, Jack Jack & I went on a little date night. It was the most fun thing ever and we should definitely do it more often.

Once upon a time I got glasses!

Once upon a time I tried a cool chalk picture on a whim.
I failed miserably.

Once upon a time Phillip fell in love with the patio swing and decided he could live there.

Once upon a time I had an improptu mirror-selfie photo shoot with Phillip and these pictures just make me happy.

Once upon a time I tried Jack's elephant costume on him but it was nap time and he was the saddest little elephant I ever did see.

Once upon a time Phillip accidentally pushed the ball popper button and did not like the result.

Once upon a time Phillip learned how to climb out of his high chair.

Once upon [many] a time[s], we went to lunch with grandma & grandpa. Jack Jack is always so well-behaved and just the cutest thing ever.

Once upon a time we had to take Jack to the ER for croup.

I swear to you I am not that mom that rushes her kid to the ER at the first sneeze.
I knew he had croup when he woke up with that cough (you know the one) and after 30 minutes of no success on getting him to breathe a little easier (including an Albuterol treatment) I called the on-call doc to ask what I should do. He could hear Jack struggling in the background and told me to take him outside into the cool air for 10 minutes, then if that didn't work back inside to a steamy bathroom for 10 minutes and then if he still sounded the same to the ER. After trying both the outside air and the steamy bathroom he sounded no better. I still was not anxious to be running to the ER at 3am so we called my MIL for advice. Do we really need to take him in? She could also hear him through the phone and advised we take him in. Sweet as she is, she offered to watch Phillip while we took Jack Jack in.

Luckily there was zero wait for check-in, the nurse OR the doctor so we were in and out of the ER one hour and one oral steroid later.

Once upon a time I was so frustrated over our [brand new!] kitchen faucet malfunctioning so I stuffed my face with no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies (better known as Dad's Cookies in my family). I immediately felt better. Unhealthy food associations? No such thing.

Once upon a time my brother came to visit for about 48 hours.
excuse my husband's photo bomb. rude.
also take note of the hand-drawn picture of my little brother hanging on the wall. he hadn't had an updated picture taken in years so he finally decided to just draw one and put it up instead of his 5-year-ago self hahaha. i'm starting to wonder how long it's going to stay there considering it has been like that for three-ish months now.

and then we went to Leatherby's (best ice cream parlor ever) to celebrate his birthday.

Once upon a time we had a really fun, really silly finger paint play date (which after a few minutes of finger painting turned into just a regular play date because kids will be kids) with Jack's new BFF, Emma.

Once upon a time I bought leggings for Phillip in Target's girls' section (ahem - I do it a lot, actually) because you can only find leggings for boys in really pricey online shops. I thought he could pull off a green patterned pair with the right top but I tried it on him once and nope.
He's already mistaken for a girl far too often. And I already have to fight T enough on just letting the boy wear plain or striped leggings. So the patterned leggings had to go.

Once upon a time we celebrated my father-in-law's first birthday without him by sending off balloons with hand-written messages. We sure do miss him every day.

Once upon a time this babe and his church outfit were too cute to not document.

Twice upon a time, this babe and his church outfit were too cute to not document.

Once upon a time (more like all the time) I spied these two staring out the bay window in the early morning hours admiring "the moon!" which actually turned out to be the sun.

Once upon a time we finally used Daddy's father's day A's tickets to take the boys to a game.

It was burning hot, the game was less-than-exciting, and we lost BUT sporting events with family are always a good time so a good time we had.

...and there's more but I really have to end this post before every last one of you unfollows me. Until next time.


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