and she's off!

My sweet little(st!) sister left on her 18 month service mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints today!

i'm so proud of her but we are going to miss her so much!
i caught a ride with my parents at 4:00 this morning to drop her off at the airport.

tears were shed but we are so happy and excited for her!

she arrived in mexico late this afternoon where she'll be for the next six weeks at the missionary training center learning spanish and how to be a missionary!
i was so so happy to find out that wednesday is the day she gets to email every week so we already got an email this afternoon! she sounds so happy and excited and i'm pretty sure my heart burst with excitement for her as i read it.

my little brother will be leaving for his mission as early as may 2015 and will serve for two years so his & jamie's missions will overlap. this means they won't see each other for almost three years!

i'm seriously so proud of this girl for putting her life on hold for 18 months to be a representative for the savior and to preach his gospel.

We had to start a new sister group text today without jamie in it. So sad!

pittsburgh is so lucky to be getting this girl for 18 months!

see you in 18, sister!


Update: Follow Jamie's mission experiences and adventures over at her blog: Hermana in Pittsburgh. (I'm so sorry to the commenter who asked about this because I accidentally deleted the comment when I went to publish and now I can't get it back!)

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