^went on a safari and kissed a giraffe!^

^someone won the cupcake walk!^

 ^our friends brought this pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest and they obviously won. if that is not the coolest pumpkin you have ever seen...well then, you must have seen some really awesome pumpkins.

^my sister in law has this great tradition where she has her kids' pictures professionally taken at a portrait studio of them in their halloween costumes every year. then she has the pictures from past years all hanging/placed throughout the house for halloween decor. i thought it was just about the cutest thing ever so i had jack's picture taken his first halloween but then i bombed it last year when i didn't take him in his peter pan costume. this year i remembered to take them and while i have yet to actually use any of the pictures for decor, i really do plan to one year! I just have to figure out how I want to display them ha. so here is your professional portrait of "two animals" as jack is telling me. And also if anyone can tell me what the heck a giraffe says I'd be in your debt. Because Jack will not let it go. "What does a giraffe say, Mommy? Mommy, what does a giraffe say?" No matter how many times I say "I don't know" he just repeats the question.

Sidenote: I just couldn't handle the pressure anymore and we googled what sound a giraffe makes. Turns out they do make a sound but it's too low for humans to hear! Who knew? Jack's not buying it.


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