if you are an insta user, please tell me you have heard of chatbooks!
when i first saw someone post about chatbooks i knew immediately that i wanted in on it!
[let me stop right here and tell you this is not a sponsored post. i just genuinely love my chatbooks!]
you pay $6 per book (free shipping!) and chatbooks will print your insta photos into the cutest little books! each book is filled with 60 photos (you can choose which ones you want - or don't want! - to include) and then every time you hit 60 new photos you are sent a new book to add to your collection!

it took me a few weeks to finally get a chance to order mine and then once i did i couldn't wait for them to arrive. i already had a little place reserved for them on a shelf in my family room and i just knew jack jack was going to love them!
^this is a really poor quality picture that i just snapped right now, but can you spy them?^

i think i squealed a little too loud when my box of chatbooks arrived and jack did love them. knowing that i'll be getting a new book every time i hit 60 more pictures makes me want to post to insta even more! then i get a new book sooner + more pictures to enjoy!

and you guys. it's only $6 a book! and there are codes all over the place for one book free! when i was ready to order i just searched the hashtag #chatbooks and clicked on a few pictures until i found one that had a code for your first book free haha! not the most convenient way, i'm sure, but it worked for me! and sidenote: their customer service is superb!

i love that these are small and perfect for little hands and also that they are so cheap that if they get ripped on accident it's really not a big deal. my plan has always been to print our blog into Blurb books (still need to get around to that one day...) but those are so expensive that i know i won't want the kids to just flip through them on a regular basis and definitely not on their own!

Like I said, this post is sponsored in no way
I paid for all my books (minus one, with the coupon code!) and chatbooks has no idea who i am.
we just love them and wanted to share a great product!

have you ordered your chatbooks yet?!

happy friday!


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