OH HEY from two months ago.

No, really. I'm pretty sure these pictures are from like two months ago. BUT because I print my blog into a family book (ahem - or I plan to do that one day...) I just have to go back and post all the pictures! And so. The randoms from two months ago.

because they are both pretty cool.

the spare car seat is the best place to put a little escape artist when he wakes up from his nap and you have to finish sanding something. and yes, that is a wrench he's playing with haha!

birthday dinner out to sushi. my very first sushi experience!...and I did not get any raw fish haha!

and one more because I just love him and he's so handsome!

have I told you yet about Jack's new best friend, emma? she & her family moved into our ward a few months ago and these two hit it off like nobody's business. they are best best friends. I realize you can't even see emma's face in this picture but I swear there are like 50 more pictures waiting to be published with the two of them ha!

hi, i'm phillip and i'm cute.

there was this one time that daddy said he would be off at 5pm because "it's friday!" and so at 5:10 we went outside and waited for him. aaand we waited for about an hour before we finally went inside. he didn't end up getting home until after 7. BLAH. but don't worry - we didn't waste our time. we spent it taking pictures after we got bored of everything else.

just a regular monday morning at our house.

I basically always have to contain Phillip somewhere when we are outside. This swing is a LIFESAVER. I can stick him in there and just give him good push every few minutes and he's happy as a clam to sit there and watch while jack & i color with sidewalk chalk or do bubbles or play soccer.

"mommy! a BIG bubble!"

and i'll just leave you with this super sad picture of this feverish little babe (two months ago, mind you!).
[except i have to admit it wasn't ALL sad because it was the one time that this babe actually wanted to snuggle instead of GO GO GO].

more to come!

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